Coronavirus – What happens to my property now and after?

Written By: Nengli Leow - Business Development, Bukit Vista Reading Time: 5 Minute In times of uncertainty, increase your visibility on small but important marketplace signals The global travel industry has been negatively impacted by Coronavirus. In 2019, Bali saw 437,537 and 449, 637 tourists enter in February and March respectively. This accounts for 14% of total inbound tourists to...

Bukit Vista on applying Data Science to Hospitality

Unanswered Questions from BV E-talk#11 at ITB Jing answers your questions about Data Science & Bukit Vista Thanks for your excellent questions ITB. All of them are so good, that I thought it would be a good chance to put them permanently on our company blog. Hope you'll enjoy my answers. Questions regarding Data Science (DS) How do you see the the data science application in the...

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