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What working as an Operations Professionals at Bukit Vista looks Like?

Here's an in-depth Interview with our Supervisor! Grey’s Background Greytha Velma or usually called Grey, is a Senior Sales & Reservations Specialist at Bukit Vista. She is a Tourism Graduate from the University of Indonesia. She started her journey in Bukit Vista as an Intern, and fast forward to two years later, right now, she is leading our Sales and Reservation team. Such a fantastic experience,...

Press Release SV UGM Guest Lecture 20 May 2022: How a Pandemic could be The Best Thing for Indonesian Tourism

On Friday afternoon, 20th May 2022, Bukit Vista had the opportunity to hold a guest lecture session with the tourism students at Sekolah Vokasi Universitas Gadjah Mada. It has been more than two years since the pandemic has started and affecting the overall tourism industry, not just in Indonesia but also the whole world.  We had our CEO, Mr. Jing Cho Yang to share more on how the pandemic has...

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