Empowering Property Assessment with Revenue Projection Automation

Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Ferdi, a data science intern at Bukit Vista. Alongside my colleague, Reza, we are excited to share a significant development in our commitment to delivering excellence in the world of hospitality. Reza and Ferdi, data science interns at Bukit Vista Streamlining Property Assessments In our continuous quest to innovate, we are thrilled to unveil our latest MVP...

Meet Bukit Vista’s 24/7 Intern: Gaia

My name is Vito, I'm a back-end developer at a leading hospitality company based in Bali, where I orchestrate the intricate gears that power our mobile applications, internal websites, and drive the seamless flow of service notifications. With a passion for crafting robust and scalable systems, I thrive on turning complex challenges into elegant solutions. Whether it's optimizing data management for...


Leading the Modern Workplace through Resilience

Along with President University, Bukit Vista organized a webinar on March 16th 2022 with the theme of Leading the Modern Workplace through Resilience. The event was led by the CEO of Bukit Vista, Jing Cho Yang, as he shared his view on how resilience in the modern workplace will help you young talents could excel in their careers. Why Is Resilience Important? Through his past...

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