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    We're eager to learn and share with the world. We open our offices and homes to travelers from around the world. We believe to lead, we'll need to foster a great community. We don't ask for payment. In exchange for providing a great space and environment, please share your knowledge. We're looking to learn more in the following areas.


    Software Development

    Data Analysis (Tableau Jedis)

    Video Production

    Venture Capital

    Founders, Co-Founders

    Human Resource Development

    Hospitality Senior Management




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    Amazing Entrepreneur Community

    Professional hosts leading New Hospitality

    Our team is full of youthful energy and desire to change the world. We are eager to learn, share and find mentors who can guide our careers. We are programmers, video producers, photographers, hospitality professionals, chefs, drivers, and online guest support.

    Quality Hardware

    Excellent hardware here to video-conference, video-edit, or code.

    Our office features large format Samsung and Apple external displays. Bluetooth keyboards, trackpads and mice from Apple. Bose speakers & ChromeCast TVs for video-conferencing.

    100Mbps Internet (at peak)

    We have some of the fastest internet in Bali now. Our office only has capacity for 20 people, so you'll always get fast internet.

    Free Food & Drinks

    Hungry minds need nourishment

    We keep the office stocked with Milos, orange isotonic water, and chilled drinks. There's lunch everyday, lovingly prepared home-style. We have local Indonesian snacks available - chips, cookies and drinks.

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