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by Christian Fritz | Specialized Woodworking Contractor

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Moving to the world of environmental-friendly appliances, at BV C-Talk #13 we had a fruitful insights with Christian Fritz (top) from ecoSmart HUB.

Introducing our partners!

Christian Fritz comes from Germany, where he received much education about taxation and accounting. In 1999, he went to Bali as a mean to advise the major of Denpasar regarding waste energy conversion. It doesn’t took much of a time for his career to skyrocket in Bali, as in 2000 he becomes the co-founder of Hammerhead Fitness, the first first quality gym in Bali, and in 2004 co-founded the Kuta Small Business Association and Kuta Karnival. Seeking to expand his influence, in 2004 he cooperates with the European Union through the Bali International Consulting Group. Currently, he is the Chief Executive of ecoSmart HUB.

What is ecoSmart HUB?


In 2013, PT. Little Tree was re-branded as ecoSmart, with the goals to create an environmental-friendly consultations for the building, construction, and lifestyle industry. Expanding quickly, it creates EcoSmart Works as a specialization on woodworking service providers, and soon it establishes Greensense Concrete to be the first company to produce synthetic reinforced concrete in Indonesia. Seeing its business grows, ecoSmart HUB was established to coordinate the four sub-activities.

This company was seeking to preserve the environment as a mean to fight climate change, while at the same time, support the economy of the people by creating products. An associated Green Team, ecoSmart provides consultations to business to help them reduce their impact to climate change while simplifying business. It partners with business that were committed in social and environment regulations.

What are their services?

Aside from creating environmental friendly products, they also offers several services, such as:

ecoSmart Concrete

ecoSmart Concrete provides a superbly effective and efficient process in creating reinforced concrete. Their concrete offers a reduced requirements for steel reinforcement in concrete, due to its utilization of synthetic reinforcement (CONTEC) fibers. With over 30 years of experience all across the world, CONTEC High-Performance fibers would be a sufficient replacement for steel as it is more environmental friendly.

ecoSmart Consult

ecoSmart Consult provides sustainable development assesment over hospitality industries in accordance to Global Sustainable Tourism Council Standards. One of the measures are the energy audit with a certified LEED Partners. Consultations for waste management was also included as their packages. They also provides responsible sourcing, as well as carbon offset programs.

ecoSmart Works

ecoSmart Works offers woodworking and surface treatment designs. Their projects are divided into four main services: Flooring, Decking, Doors And Door & Window Frames, and Wooden Structures. They utilize an environment-friendly woods and utilize it in an effective way that mitigates global warming and climate change.

Several ecoSmart projects in Bali. Visit the ecoSmart Youtube channel.


Get in touch with ecoSmart HUB!

Feel free to contact ecoSmart if you are interested in their services. You can also contact us first, and we will connect you with Christian Fritz on our next Community Talk: Consultation Session with ecoSmart HUB. To find out more about their great works, visit this page:

ecoSmart HUB

You can also tune in to all of our inspiring discussions with Christian Fritz through the Bukit Vista C-Talk #13 event on November 26, 2020.

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