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by Andre | Professional Pest Control Services in Bali, Indonesia Since 2008

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Still recommending another Pest Control Service for the safety and comfort of your property, namely Geotermix. We had the opportunity to chat with Andre as a supervisor at Geotermix through the online discussion C-Talk # 15 on 4 December 2020, about the importance of pest control for property sustainability and how is their expertise in overcoming pest problems.

Go ahead and explore Geotermix through this blog, hope you get insights and solutions to pest problems on your property!

What is Geotermix?

Geotermix is a registered pest control company in Bali with services for termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, rats and mice with over 10 years of experience providing services throughout Bali. Geotermix really emphasizes work ‘professionalism’ as their identity. Geotermix’ professionals through their commitment are providing free inspections, certified technicians, fast response, and solution oriented that are effective in controlling pest problems. One evidence that shows the professionalism of Geotermix is the highly trained technicians and supervisors, certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (KEMENKES RI) and the Association of Indonesian Pest Control Companies (ASPPHAMI). Their pest control team in Bali consists of technicians, surveyors, and field biologists who have been certified as experts by a number of standardization organizations dealing with pest control business.

There are several methods they do in doing their job as pest control experts, namely Sanitation, Exclusion, and Chemical Treatment (selected pesticides). The first thing they do in handling pest control problem is to survey their client’s property. This survey is conducted to understand the cause of pest problems, type of pest, the area infected by pests and how many pests have been there. After that, the Geotermix team will report to the property owner the cause of the pests. Andre said that the cause of pests on property was caused by various factors, both internal and external factors, such as the property being near rivers and forests.

After discussing with the property owner, if the property owner agrees with the Geotermix team plan to fix the pest issue, they will immediately execute it. Typically, the Geotermix team recommends a 3 months treatment with 2 visits per month to property owners for low pest population. They will recommend several services like sanitation, prevention, and exclusion if it has high pet population. The duration of treatment depends on the type of pest and the severity of the pest problem on a property, but the average system contracts their treatment with their clients is 3 to 6 months.

What kind of service does Geotermix want to provide its clients — in terms of values, relationships and legacy?

Qualified and certified technicians

As Andre previously mentioned, their technicians have been trained by the Association of Indonesian Pest Control Companies (ASPPHAMI) and certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (KEMENKES RI). Geotermix technicians also receive regular training from Department of Health and Agriculture in Bali. This is a good value to Geotermix, as clients don’t have to worry about their ability to control pest problems because they already have valid evidence of qualified technicians. With that, clients (property owners) will get professional service.

The quality of these technicians is an important point for Geotermix so that we can provide the best service for clients.

Andre, Geotermix.

Geotermix company follows existing legal requirements and SOP

Geotermix Pest Control also is a company that follows the International Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards. So, the legality of Geotermix can be proven through that. Why is company legality important for property owners to know? So that property owners are not deceived by illegal pest control services and get huge losses and damage caused by illegal pest control. So Andre suggested,

Before you property owners decide to use pest control services, you have the right to ask for proof of the legality of the company to ensure that they can be trusted and will not harm you and your property. – Andre, Geotermix.

Eco-friendly Pest Control

Another value they have is that Geotermix uses selected, legal and safe pesticides for the surrounding environment. By choosing the right pesticide, they combine chemical and non-chemical methods to create an environmentally friendly pest control for a sustainable future in which Geotermix is committed.

Intense communication

In terms of relationships, the Geotermix team always strives to have intense communication with clients about the pest control process on client property. The Geotermix team emphasizes that clients must be willing to cooperate and communicate well and intensively with the team so that pest problems on client properties can be resolved quickly and precisely. Property owners can tell the Geotermix team how long, in any area, possible causes, and the latest condition of the property after treatment so that the Geotermix team can know for sure that the client’s property is completely safe from pest problems.

What are the forms / types of Geotermix services?

There are several types of services they offer.

1. Pest Control Services

This service consists of controlling various types of pests. First, the control of the mosquito problem, they will provide you with complete mosquito repellent from eggs, larvae, cocoons and adult mosquitoes along with effective guidelines to minimize the risk of mosquito re-attack. The benefits that you will get by using a professional mosquito control are:

  • Treatment to reduce and control adult mosquito populations.
  • Treatment for controlling larvae.
  • Intensive monitoring of mosquito breeding sites.
  • Daily mosquito control using a mosquito trap device.
  • Effective recommendations to minimize the risk of a re-infestation of mosquitoes.

Second, control of flies. Flies are commonly attracted to strong-smelling areas such as the storage of raw meat and fish, garbage bins, animal waste areas, oily floors, and dirty drains. By keeping your property environments clean, dry, and fragrant, you can prevent fly infestations in your home or business. If you are a homeowner or business owner, especially in the food processing business, having a professional fly control is important to protect your family, employees, and customers from bacterial contamination by flies through food and beverages. Geotermix fly control solution will provide you with suitable treatment along with preventive tips and recommendations for your home or business. The benefits of professional fly control that you will get:

  • Safe treatment for removing adult flies.
  • Daily preventive control using Insect Light Traps.
  • Long-term protection using the fly bait method.
  • Effective recommendations to minimize the risk of re-infestation of flies.

Third, cockroaches control. Complete protection against cockroach problems must be carried out in a detailed and strategic manner. Geotermix’s professional cockroach control in the Bali area really understands how to do the right treatment for your home or business. They will provide you with an effective solution to manage cockroach infestations and to minimize the risk of re-infestation by putting health and safety as top priorities.

The benefits of using professional cockroach control that you will get:

  • Examination of cockroach species.
  • Proactive maintenance using a cockroach monitoring device.
  • Effective recommendations to prevent cockroaches in your home or business.

Lastly, ant control. Ants are commonly attracted to human food and humid conditions. As a professional ant control service in Bali, Geotermix deeply understands the habits of ants and how to manage the infestation and minimize the re-infestation from ants. Their expert technicians will provide you with suitable treatment along with preventive tips and recommendations for your home or business. They always rely on the most effective treatment to get rid of ants. Besides using insecticides, they also provide tips and recommendations to ensure you get long-term protection against ant infestations.

The benefits of using professional ant control that you will get:

  • Examination of ant species.
  • Special treatment based on ant species.
  • Intensive monitoring of ants after treatment.
  • Effective recommendations for preventing ants in your home or business.

2. Rat Control Services

To control rats, people generally buy mouse glue or rat poison to kill mice, but using rat poison can put you at risk of dying where you can’t reach it. Dead rats can leave an unpleasant odor on your property. The correct use of rat glue and rat poison may be a challenge for property owners because they are not trained in rat control, so the placement of mouse glue and rat poison can be misplaced and rendered useless.

Having a professional rat control to get rid of rats in your home or business is the fastest action that you can take to quickly solve your rat problem. Rat glue boards, cages, bait boxes, and poisons are the most effective solution in controlling rats by pest control specialists. With proper placement, monitoring, and maintenance, a rat infestation can be briefly controlled.

The benefits of using a professional rat control that you will get:

  • The right treatment that suits your premises
  • Complete identification of rat access into your premises
  • Effective recommendations to minimize the risk of a re-infestation of rats

3. Termite Control Services

Termite treatment works by providing chemical protection around the building to form a barrier between the soil and the structure of the building. Treatment is done by injecting termiticide into the soil, especially in the potential area of termite mud tubes that usually appear. Termiticides in the soil will spread throughout the building and termite workers will be exposed when approaching the building in search of food. One exposed termite can pass termiticidal fluid to other termites through physical contact and eating. As this process continues, the termite colony population will decrease significantly.

Geotermix’ Termite Control Services have been proven to be effective in protecting buildings from termites for many years. To give their customers greater assurance, we guarantee their Termite Control Services for long-term protection for up to 5 years depending on the termite treatment package signed.

4. Bed Bug Control Services

Bed bugs are usually found in bedrooms. They like to hide in the crevices of walls and bed frames, mattresses, sofas, electric switches, picture frames, and other wood materials in the bedroom. Bed bug infestations can multiply very quickly as a female bed bug can lay an average of 5 eggs every day and can survive up to 1 year without a meal. Bed bugs can hide very well, even in places you might not expect them. They are also very resistant to most of the chemicals sold in the market. If you have bed bugs at home, the most effective way to get rid of them is to call a professional pest control service to carry out special treatment in your property, like Geotermix.

Geotermix’ Bed Bug Control operators in the Bali region are highly trained to provide long-term care by eliminating all stages of egg-nymph-adult bed bugs. Bed bugs treatment requires special equipment and pesticides. These equipment and pesticides are special products designed to eliminate bed bugs which are best handled by pest control specialists.

The benefits of using professional bed bug control that you will get:

  • Proper inspection in potential places for bed bugs hiding.
  • Effective treatment using special pesticides for bed bugs.
  • Proactive maintenance using a bed bug monitoring device.
  • Long-term guarantee services for your home or business.

5. Disinfectant Services

Since we are entering the Covid-19 pandemic, Geotermix provides disinfectant services in Bali for all types of properties. Spraying disinfectants is an important measure to improve hygiene and hygiene so that you avoid viruses, germs, and bacteria that stick to the parts of your home or workplace. If you want to clean your house, vehicle and workplace using disinfectant but you have limited time, don’t have complete equipment, or don’t understand safe procedures, etc. So, it’s a good idea to call a disinfectant service to do it.

You can use a disinfectant service from Geotermix Bali with the following benefits:

  • Use of registered disinfectant products.
  • Safe disinfection procedures that cover all room details.
  • Scheduling periodically.

How does Geotermix typically charge for their services?

Geotermix usually charges their services based on the area of the room affected by pests, the type of pest, building layout, and treatment methods. In addition, for the termites problem, Andre says that Geotermix will charge based on per meter basis area where the termite is.

Starting from Pest Control services to Bedbug services, Geotermix provides free surveys of your property to find out details of pest problems on your property.

For the termite control services, Geotermix will conduct a survey first. The team usually check the property floor and ask their client permission to drill. If the client doesn’t allow them to drill, they will suggest another method, like Baiting Methods for termites. They usually control animals such as geckos in hotels and a treatment contract is agreed for a year. After they have conducted the survey, they will discuss prices with their clients to agree on a suitable price. For disinfectant services, the Geotermix team charges a fee based on the area of the property.

For a one-year contract, the payment is paid monthly, while for contracts under one year, you pay it upfront.

The right type of client the Geotermix expects

Geotermix team hopes that the client will communicate well and intensively with the team, because it really helps the pest control process efficiently and effectively. The team expects good cooperation with clients so that pest control results can be maximized.

Until now, the total Geotermix clients who use their services have reached more than 100 clients in the Bali region. Some of them are Seminyak Village, Kompas Gramedia, Tribun Bli, Mercure Hotels, The Bay Bali, Park Hotel Nusa Dua Bali, Spring, Hotel Nikko Bali (Benoa Beach), Kayu Manis Jimbaran, Bali National Golf Club, The Lumbini Jimbaran Bali, and Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club.

Last thoughts for property owners

Andre advised all of us to be more selective in choosing pest control services because many pest control services are illegal, do not have a license and will harm you property owners. Legality is important for you to question in order to believe that the pest control services you are using are truly professional.

The way to see the legality and professionalism of pest control services is:

  • Ask for evidence, do they have permission? You need to ask for their permission papers.
  • Ask for evidence, do they join pest control associations or are they related to this service?

Those are some introductions to Geotermix, a pest control service that we can recommend for those of you who want to solve pest problems. If you want to know more about Geotermix, you can visit their official website by clicking the button below.


And for you Bukit Vista partners, you get the privilege of consulting online for free with the Geotermix team. You can contact Bukit Vista to connect you with the Geotermix team through the online discussion C-Talk: Connect You to Our Expert. Please contact us directly!

Watch our C-Talk recorded video with Geotermix to get detailed information from Andre, our speaker by clicking the Youtube video below directly!

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