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img Syelynn | April 3, 2021

by Gill Wilson | Luxury Interior Designer with 15 Year's Experience in Bali

Bukit Vista | BV C-talk #12 - Gill Wilson | Luxury Interior Designer w/ 15 year's experience in Bali

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Still talking about interior design, at BV C-Talk # 12 we had an outstanding discussion with Gill Wilson (left) from Gill Wilson Interiors.

Introducing our partners!

Gill Wilson travels around the world, and gained a huge amount of experiences from her time in Japan, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and India. She has an interest and expertise in architecture/interior design and has collaborated with several large companies in Bali, such as Hyatt and Aston. Therefore, through this discussion, Bukit Vista hopes that Gill could gave new insights to property owners.

Gill Wilson Interiors: Jewel in Bali

Vedas Villa

GW Interiors is located in Sanur, Bali Province. This company has been specializing on soft furnishings, colour matchmaking, and other interior design details. GW Interiors soon gained attraction from the public, which was proven by the creation of a showroom within a short amount of time from its establishment. They also skillfully adapts to the demand from the market, ranging from a wide variety of customer such as residential, commercial, and industrial designs.

GW Interiors is a combination of engineers and artists: they articulate a unique concept of designs, and then translate these ideas into a set of viable architectural schematics that could be made without degrading the aesthetics. Moreover, GW Interiors is equipped with the knowledge of materials, communication, budgeting, and maintenance.

What differentiates GW Interiors?

  • Brief and Analysis
    The company would conduct an in-depth research in regards to the client’s business needs and vision, so that the company could assess the situation and needs of the client.
  • Space Planning and BudgetSecond, the company would manifest the designs made in 2D into a computerized digital 3D rendering with complete budget prediction, then the client could decide more thoroughly on the matter at hand.
  • Interior Design and Fixed Pricing
    The designers would come in and works with client in regards to the personal touch of the interior designs without sacrificing convenience and practicality.
  • Build
    GW Interiors would personally utilized their own project managers, site supervisors, construction specialists, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers in building the designs.
  • Furniture and Move
    GW would also provide the furnitures needed to fill the rooms when the construction ended, with 10 years of experience.
  • Hand-Over & Post Occupancy Report
    GW would continue to monitor and maintain contact to build a successful long-term relationship.

Have a look at their creation!

Gill says her design inspirations come from the vibrant, exotic places in Asia where she has lived. Her simple decorating style is both stylized and personal, and her advice practical. She approaches her interiors with an equal eye for function, comfort, and beauty and defines her style broadly as anything from stylish, contemporary, warm, welcoming, comfortable, classic, detailed, balanced, functional, and different.

Get in touch with Gill Wilson Interior Designs!

Feel free to contact GW Interiors if you are interested in their services. You can also contact us first, and we will connect you with Gill Wilson on our next Community Talk: Consultation Session with GW Interiors. To find out more about Wilson’s great works, visit this page


You can also tune in to all of our inspiring discussions with Will Gilson through the Bukit Vista C-Talk event on November 19, 2020.

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