Nadine Nadilla Effiandyna

Conversion Vice Chapter Lead

Hi, I'm Nadine!

Joined 2019


I’m a fresh graduate who started my career early in the 3rd semester. I have chosen that path because i have so many dreams that i always feel i do not have enough time to achieve. As a person who feel the most worthy when i could get achievements and make impact to the environment, then comes the urgency to always start early.

Born and raised in a multicultural environment, it has enriched me with many perspectives and point of views to see how opportunities grow and problems appear. This somehow shaped me being a versatile persona that fulfilled with rich understandings. Knowing this precious privilege that I have, i always try to utilize this capability to develop my maximum potential and make impact to the world i’m living in.

I know that Tourism and Hospitality industry will be a perfect circumstance, because this industry gives me a never ending learning process as diverse social interactions will always be accessible. Opportunity and knowledge found unlimited. This industry will always be my bridge to facilitates my curiosity about the world.

I’m always passionate of human interaction, art of moving people and negotiation, team management, and education. Im skilled in public speaking, leadership, and persuasive talking. I easily adapt to new environment and easily blended. Besides my professional work, i’m also working as an Actor and Singer.

I’m currently one of Business Development in Bukit Vista, a property management company that based in sunny island, Bali. The journey has been very astonishing and positively transformed my self.

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