How to Set Good OKRs With Examples

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 13, 2023

One way to define OKR’s would be to think of it as monthly objectives that you do that helps you, and the company move forward to it’s goals. OKR’s are personal, while KPI’s are project-related.

The easy way to see it is:

  • Your objective should look like the “Be” section
  • Your key result should look like the “Have” section

Be Do Have
A healthy person
  • Daily workout
  • Creating a to-do-list
  • Clean up regularly
  • Follow a schedule
  • Meeting with my mentor
  • Eating healthy food
  • Woke up at 8am 25 days per month
  • Lost 3kgs body weight in a month
  • Never got sick in two months
Very helpful
  • Meeting with partner
  • Teaching people
  • Got ten 5-star review from guests that I give recommendation
Knowledgeable about an area
  • Observe and learn from other people
  • Take notes
  • Learn and understand what I’ve recieved
  • Understood financial analysis / coding / writing / editing

OKRs at Bukit Vista

  • We self-evaluate our OKR using SMART method, where you tick the checklist and see if your OKR is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.
  • We double check the OKR with chapter lead, to make sure that our goal is aligned with chapter and company goals.

OKR examples

NameSMART checklistObjectiveActionKey resultRate this OKR
[ ] Specific
[ ] Measurable
[ ] Achievable
[ ] Relevant
[✓] Timely
CRM system for partner

  • Meeting with CM team for the platform to put information
  • Meeting with vidi to cek with the idea and best platform
  • Create and CRM board
  • Move all data to the new board

CRM for partner and property information in 1 source by Feb 2021Poor
[✓] Specific
[✓] Measurable
[✓] Achievable
[✓] Relevant
[✓] Timely
Increasing Review on Airbnb for Region 1

  • Make sure all guest journey are completed
  • Remind Guest to leave a review by a GIF or Card

Convert 50% of Reservation to Review for Region 1 by 31st of March 2021Good
[ ] Specific
[✓] Measurable
[✓] Achievable

[ ] Relevant
[ ] Timely
SLA Compliance in Hiring as a Service

  • Distribution post
  • Applicants
  • Interviewing
  • Trials
  • Onboarding

Get 1 candidate onboarded by end of Feb for:
MKT – Digital Marketing
[✓] Specific
[✓] Measurable
[✓] Achievable
[✓] Relevant
[✓] Timely
Improving The Marketing Performance

  • Create Facebook Fanspage Campaign
  • Conduct the discussion regarding next Facebook Ads campaign
  • Website Migration
  • Improve the partnership SLA, change the standard number of each stage
  • Impression
  • Engagement
  • Meeting
  • Deal
  • Conduct 1:1 with Mkt member
  • Assign the campaign manager based on member ZPD
  • Assign the funnel manager based on member ZPD

Got 2 deals exclusive partnership that happen in Jan 2021

Increase the engagement rate from revenue side by 0,3% at the end of Jan 2021

Increase the impression vs lead by 5% at the end of Jan 2021

[✓] Specific
[✓] Achievable
[✓] Relevant
[✓] Timely
Getting used to the tech stack (node js and react js) in BukitVista

  • Learn to read and understand other developer’s code
  • Adapt to the convention and style used in writing code in Bukit Vista

Modify at least 2 api using Node.Js by the end of month

Create at least 2 new api using Node.js by the end of month

Modify / create at least 2 components in the frontend by the end of month


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