How to teach someone to explain something

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 13, 2023


Most people submit bug report lacking useful information. This prevents PD to fix the bugs right away. PD has asked follow up questions (not ideal) and mostly didn’t get any response (very not ideal). This build up as “we know there’s a bug but it’s not getting fixed”, but no one knows what the bug is until they experience it themself. This is not aligned with “fail fast and learn fast” core value.


  • We want everyone in the company have a critical thinking and can explain their thoughts in a manner of helping others understand.

Expected result:

  • Each individual can explain issue/ideas in writing in the way that the other person will understand by just ready those explanation, without asking a follow up questions.


Suggested method:

  • Live practice to create a written explanation
  • Score each writings and give another chance to create another

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