Formulating a Professional Vision in a Borderless World

img | June 17, 2022

On the end of May 2022, Bukit Vista had an opportunity to give inspirations to students from MM UGM as a collaboration event between BV and CNC MM UGM. Mr. Jing Cho Yang, CEO of Bukit Vista also as the speaker for this Saturday night webinar talked about vision findings and CEO perspective at work. He starts the discussion by asking:

Why do we need a professional vision?
Mr. Jing shared the importance of a vision when wanting to become a leader, importance to keep telling where do we want to go and that can help guide our employees to achieve those goals. Moreover in the borderless world like the one we are living today, in Mr. Jing’s case which is hospitality company, highly important not only able to reach greater number of guests but also empower the people we lead to do the best work of their life’s.

Where professional visions could go wrong?
Around 20 years of Mr. Jing working in the industry, Mr. Jing noticed that vision mistakes often happen. First is that many people focus on money over their passion to pursue career they actually love. Second is often people are following branded company. Third mistake is following particular title or ‘prestige’. All of those three things are not true vision because it’s essentially as a professional are not leading anything but following.

Then what is the better vision?
Instead of following money, we should follow long term value by understanding personal value and seeking the right people or places where we can develop our career. We can also follow branded company in our career but because of the access to experiences and resources that we wouldn’t otherwise receive anywhere else. Then when we think we want to follow particular title, is because with the title we are now empowered to do more. The main point of all that according to Mr. Jing is perspective. It’s not wrong to seek money, branded company, or particular title for our professional vision but it does need a little more perspective or else it could on to the wrong way.

What about in the borderless world?
Money will follow or find you if you bring value because of vision you have of how the world should be. Branded company also chooses you if you can bring resources & experiences they wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world to guide the company’s visions. Last is title, our name is our title if we have earned a reputation or legacy for making impactful and meaningful change.

Which vision do YOU choose?
There are 3 stages to be on more advanced professional vision level. Starts with job stage where we earn money just to survive, second stage is career where we begin to recognize what we actually want in our professional life and begin to get loyal with that wish. The highest stage is calling, where you start to think what’s the purpose of all the work and effort you’ve put and this is where as individuals, as professionals, we transform.

Mr. Jing also showed to all of the participants how does he actually implement professional vision in Bukit Vista as the co-founder and our CEO. Do you want to start building your professional vision? start with us in our amazing company where our main purpose is to inspire delight. Bukit Vista is a property management start up company based in Bali, Yogyakarta, and Nusa Penida. We are currently open for Online Sales & Reservations, Online Customer Support, Property Manager, Public Relation and many more! Head on and apply directly at our job landing page and let’s positively transform together!

Inspire delight!

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