Bukit Vista X DPKKA Unair “Business Intelligence and Revenue Management for Smart Decision Making”

img | May 11, 2022

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You must know that a business won’t develop without its Business Intelligence team. So, we are here to explore what Business Intelligence can do to help a company in many methods!

The process of uncovering and evaluating data in an organization to make educated business choices is known as business intelligence. BI encompasses various technologies and approaches, from how data is structured and processed to delivered results. BI is utilized to determine how a company performed in the past and why those results occurred.

An effective business intelligence plan demands a solid structure of how data is used from beginning to end:

  • Data collection: A company must understand where it may gather data from visitors and customers and how to organize it to be examined.
  • Data storage: Data essential to organizations is numerous and frequently extensive. To be valuable, data must be kept in a location where data stakeholders can reliably access it, such as a SQL database. A storage system should constantly be up to date so that a corporation can react swiftly to changes in data.
  • Data analysis: The foundation of business intelligence is descriptive and diagnostic analytics, which answer questions about where your firm has been, where it is now, and why things are the way they are. To execute these many sorts of studies, BI systems must be able to draw from data storage.
  • Data reporting: All data and analysis are useless unless they reach decision-makers and other stakeholders. BI should communicate data and insights in ways that individuals with little context can easily grasp and use to make choices.

The overarching goal of business intelligence is to enable a company to make educated decisions. A business with an effective BI strategy will have accurate, thorough, and well-organized data. Business intelligence may be used to display historical trends to assist stakeholders in gauging the health of their firm, alerting them to possible concerns and future improvements.

Business intelligence may also help teams stay organized by informing them of crucial performance metrics (KPIs). KPI awareness via dashboards and reporting keeps teams connected and focused on their objectives. Easy access to measurements and KPIs also frees up time and energy for tasks that directly influence the company’s success.

One more role that we should also highlight in Business Intelligence is Revenue Manager. To capitalize on the market and earnings in the Hospitality Industry, it is critical to have a revenue management team in place. There is more competition in the sector than ever before and more booking outlets for passengers. Revenue management is the technique of predicting customer behavior using data to improve product availability and boost revenue.

The revenue manager’s principal responsibility is to optimize the company’s revenue and profit potential. The revenue manager is in charge of gathering and evaluating data to make price choices. The revenue manager gathers information about the company and its competitors. They monitor market developments and detect patterns.

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