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Welcome to Bukit Vista

As a Community Manager, you will play a pivotal role in evolving and developing an ever-growing collection of properties and their owners, with a deep understanding of AI integration in community management. In collaboration with the Customer Relations team, you are expected to spend your days engaging property owners as our partners to build and maintain a delightful relationship with them, while harnessing AI technologies to enhance your efforts.

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What will you do:

  • Lead the transformation of property owners by providing AI-driven recommendations and hospitality training to ensure the commitment of agreements.
  • Collaborate with the Customer Relations team to conduct AI-assisted routine quality control and property inspections, identifying areas for improvement with data-driven precision.
  • Acquire new potential partners through referrals from existing property owners who trust Bukit Vista as a hospitality host, with AI recommendation engines identifying potential partners based on historical data.
  • Utilize AI algorithms to analyze partner acquisition strategies and optimize their effectiveness.
  • Collect and spread inspiring stories from partners with AI-assisted content creation tools, aiming to #InspireDelight.
  • Work on hospitality projects, utilizing AI for project management and optimization.
  • Inspire our property partners with community experts, harnessing AI for personalized collaboration and engagement strategies.
  • Develop and maintain partner satisfactions through conducting feedback cycles, with AI-driven tools and sentiment analysis.
  • Monitoring and optimizing community engagement level


  • Understand Bukit Vista Core Values
  • Personality traits: growth mindset, bias to action, self-learner, and adaptability to AI technologies.
  • Proficient in written/spoken English. Another third language (such as Mandarin, Russian, etc.) will be a plus point.
  • For full-time position, preferred to stay / live in either Yogyakarta and/or Bali.
  • Experienced in Community Management or leading community initiatives, with an understanding of AI’s role in community building.
  • Have an outstanding hospitable and creative characteristic in developing delightful community.
  • Strategic Mindset. Able to conduct and execute community strategic experiments.
  • Excellent public speaking skills and able to communicate your findings precisely with clarity (either through writing or visualizations).
  • Familiar with sales and persuasion techniques is a plus.
  • Education: Marketing, Communication, Business Administration, or any related fields.
    Background: a promising history of achievement & accomplishments in academics, sports, business or extra-curricular activities.
  • Your role is expected to have operations leadership level. To learn more about what operations leadership means, you can read further here.

What you will get :

  • Limitless career path and senior management level opportunity 
  • Competitive base pay and performance bonuses
  • Health insurance
  • Extraordinary professional experience
  • Working in a global-channel startup company
  • Exposure to a professional hospitality industry
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