Customer Relation – Hospitality, Air Support and Reservation Intern

As a Customer Relation – HAR Intern, you will responsible in represent Bukit Vista to the guests. Other than that, you will also collaborate with Community in terms of getting the details of partner properties to be served at the guests’ table.

Job Descriptions:
  • Mark guest experience and satisfaction by providing customer support through Hospitality.
  • Deliver customer’s assistance in verbal and written communication throughout their staycation in Air Support.
  • Manage and respond to guests’ bookings with our delightful properties by Reservation.
  • List the properties exist as target for serving the guest’ in significant way. 
Job Specifications:
  • Understand Bukit Vista Core Values 
  • Personality: growth mindset, bias to action, self-learner. 
  • You’ll be expected to be competent on these skills during our internship time min. within 45 days:
    • Good communication skills
    • Persuasion & Negotiation (such as Upsell & Cross-sell)
    • Timely – Fast 
    • Complete knowledge
    • Experience  (Area and Product) 
    • Community Coordination 
  • Proficient in written/spoken English. Another third language (such as Mandarin, Rusian, etc) will be a plus point
  • Education: we have no preference. 
  • Background: a promising history of achievement & accomplishments in academics, sports, business or extra-curricular activities. 
Journey at Bukit Vista

We’re dreamers and doers, mentors and hosts. We view students as individuals, the recruiting process as a shared adventure, and decisions as conversations. Our mission is to open Bukit Vista’s doors to the next class of interns and new grads who are ready for a life-changing experience and excited to innovate the world of hospitality. During your time as a Vistern, you’ll be integrated into a team where you’ll contribute to challenging projects to develop new services for our management company, strengthen our infrastructure, and delight our community of guests and owners. Marketing Chapter’s mission is to discover & acquire delightful properties that anchor inspirational guest experiences.

Your buddy, chapter, and our company will strive to develop your potential during your time with us. We’ll provide the support, mentorship, fun, and real world experience needed to accelerate your learning and make a real impact on the hospitality industry, as we revolutionize the way people travel. 

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