Public Relations Intern

As a Public Relations Intern, you will assigned as one of Bukit Vista’s representatives in building long-term partnerships with potential stakeholder. Other than that, you also involve in gather the hidden-gems talents worldwide while enhance the company brand awareness among societies.

Job Descriptions:

  • Represent Bukit Vista to the respective partners, ranging from small and big inspirational talk, up to composing strategic discussion for both parties
  • Find and attract the qualified talents for Bukit Vista through outreach campaign
  • Creating the purposeful and transformational events in order to positively transform our partners and audience

Job Specifications:

  • Understand Bukit Vista Core Values 
  • You have growth mindset, bias to action, self-learner, and good team-worker personality
  • Have a general understanding about:
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Leadership skills
    • Event management
  • You’ll be expected to be competent on these skills during our internship time min. within 45 days:
    1. Interpersonal communication
      • Conversing to different partners with diverse communication channels
    2. Leadership
      • Initiative in taking action towards partner’s inquiry
    3. Event management
      • Creating and managing the purposeful and transformational events
    4. Empathy
      • Seeing things from client’s perspective
  • Proficient in written/spoken English. Another third language (such as Mandarin, Russian, etc.) will be a plus point.
  • Education: we have no preferred education background
  • A promising history of achievement & accomplishments in academics, business, or extra-curricular activities related to public relation is preferred. 

Welcome to Bukit Vista

We’re dreamers and doers, mentors and hosts. We view students as individuals, the recruiting process as a shared adventure, and decisions as conversations. Our mission is to open Bukit Vista’s doors to the next class of interns and new grads who are ready for a life-changing experience and excited to innovate the world of hospitality.

Watch Our Introduction Video

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Life as PR in Bukit Vista

Wondering what it is look like on doing PR things in BV? Here we take you to the quick amazing journey tour on what you will experience lately as a Public Relation.

  • Be the face of Bukit Vista
  • Honoured as Best Talent Hunt in Bukit Vista
  • Also Responsible as Event Manager!

So, what are you waiting for?Send over your CV, a LinkedIn profile, or past projects in English. We like candidates that are passionate about hospitality, interested in technology and enjoy a fun workspace with lots of collaboration. See you really soon, future #Vistern

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