Sari Garden Cottage

img Syelynn | September 22, 2021

The service Bukit Vista offers to its partner is like none other. We tried to transform our partner to have a better property that can inspire delight to the guest. It’s all about an enjoyable and transparent experience with the partners. For Mok Wahyu, managing a property is not an easy thing to do. She doesn’t have any knowledge on how to promote her property, managing the rooms according to the standards, etc. But then, Bukit Vista comes and introduces her on how to promote the property.

“Bukit Vista offers partnership in a way that you enjoy and not complicated”

Sari Garden Cottage is a very unique cottage in Nusa Penida, located near Pura Dalem Ped and Friends of the National Parks Foundation. It is a very potential property, but back then Mok Wahyuni facing difficulties in order to promote her property. Mok Wahyuni was first introduced to Bukit Vista in 2018, where the team is coming to her property and offer a partnership together. Mok Wahyuni then contacts Bukit Vista to ask about property promotion, keep the cleanliness of the rooms, etc. She then decided to onboard as a Bukit Vista’s partner and experience a delightful experience with Bukit Vista

One year after partnering with Bukit Vista, Mok Wahyuni’s property, Sari Garden Cottage are managed to always have occupation at least 50 percent, both on low and high sessions. Bukit Vista team also helps Mok Wahyuni to train the onsite staff and property maintenance to met the best hospitality standards.

“After all, it is a very good job and teamwork”
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