Bukit Vista Attempts on Supporting Young Professionals with Mentorin Indonesia

img | September 15, 2021

Bukit Vista loves to positively transform the young minds! Starting from 7 September 2021, Bukit Vista and Mentorin Indonesia decided to begin our partnership in inspiring delight everyone, everywhere, and everytime! In this case, Bukit Vista is ready to support the events that will be held by Mentorin Indonesia as speaker and media partner.

Mentorin Indonesia itself is a community that aims to help students, fresh graduates, and the young professionals to get relevant mentoring support so that they can steer their career better in vast ocean of opportunities. Aligned with Bukit Vista’s passion to positively transform everyone, and the core value to Help Others Help Themselves, Bukit Vista helps Mentorin Indonesia to bring more young professionals into the event. The event which is a Virtual Career Conference that will be held on 2nd and 3rd October, will be an event where experts and experienced professionals deliver insightful talks where attendees can actively participate.

Through the event, we are hoping that more people will be inspired and get to improve their knowledge while learning more things from the professionals. This event is also needed because there are some people out there who needed access and support to actively prepare their next career. 

There will be a lot of interesting things waiting for you in the event, such as mentorship program, live webinars, online workshop, and career conference. Not only that, but you will also learn about leadership, careers in E-commerce, sales & marketing, mental health, and many more interesting topics! So if you are one of the young professionals looking for a right platform to positively transform yourself, come and register in the next Virtual Career Conference! We’ll be very happy to inspire you!

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