How Do You Do Persuasion & Negotiation in Business

img | March 9, 2022

In business there is something so important called persuasion and negotiation. Persuasion is a crucial skill to master in order to properly negotiate. You should be able to persuade others to accept your point of view. You should also understand how to persuade others to modify their minds. You’ll be able to handle any disagreements during a negotiation if you learn how to persuade. The ability isn’t limited to commercial conversations. 
Sometimes, it can be terrifying to start a conversation, let alone negotiating things with customers or business partners. In negotiating something, you should know that your goal is a win-win solution. Be open and honest with the conversation to make sure you are using empathy to understand your talking opponents. This will also help people to become more comfortable in talking to you.  

In one of our Industry Talk, Bukit Vista’s CEO said that “Once we get somebody to speak and to open up is this discovery of what their motivation are and what they really want.”

Here are the Methods you can follow :

  • Accusation Audit : An exhaustive list of all the negative things the other side of a negotiation may think, feel, or say about your side. Compiling an accusations audit helps you get ahead of the objections that could hinder the successful completion of your deal. Example of this is “You’re probably thinking that this is not worth it..” or “I know that you feel terrorized to talk in public in front of many people like this”
  • Calibrated Questions : Questions structured for maximum effect. They are designed to change the power dynamic of the negotiation and force consideration of your position into the equation. Example of this is “How can I assist you on this task?..”, “What do you want me to help you with?”, “Why do you think this didn’t work”.
  • Labelling : Giving a voice to the other side’s feelings. You have to let the other side know that you understand their feelings. Examples are “it seems like you are in a difficult situation”, “I know it must’ve been hard for you”
  • Mirroring : Repetition of the keywords used by your negotiation partner, to trigger more explanation.
  • No oriented questions : Saying the word “no” makes people feel protected and in control. The secret to gaining the upper hand in a negotiation is giving the other side the illusion of control.

Afterwards, you can put yourself in both shoes. Most negotiations fail because the negotiator doesn’t really know what the other person wants. When you offer someone for things they don’t necessarily want, it’s all going to be vain. This will end your negotiation in failed result.

So, understand what your opponents want and search for the best way both of you can have. Remember, having a win-win solution is our main goals!

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