Leading the Modern Workplace through Resilience

img | April 7, 2022

Along with President University, Bukit Vista organized a webinar on March 16th 2022 with the theme of Leading the Modern Workplace through Resilience. The event was led by the CEO of Bukit Vista, Jing Cho Yang, as he shared his view on how resilience in the modern workplace will help you young talents could excel in their careers.

Why Is Resilience Important?

Through his past experiences, Jing said that being resilient amidst failures made him the person he is right now. During the webinar, he shared his early life where he was struggling in his studies and his career. Most people would like to think that their mistakes were main cause of their failure. However, Jing thinks differently.

From Failures to Opportunities

Instead of seeing his mistakes as the cause of his failures, he changed his mindset into viewing his failures as the catalyst of his journey to success. This is what he called as being resilient. It’s about the actions you take after something unfortunate happens to you. Moreover, being resilient is also about managing your problems and turn them into the reason why you are experiencing fortunate events. On the other hand, not being resilient might cause unfavorable things to happen even when you are at your best condition. In conclusion, resilience is the key to lead your self and others well.

The webinar also discussed the two main lessons that can be learned when you can manage your failure. According to Jing, failing fast allows you to succeed faster because it gives you opportunities to try new things now rather than later. He was fired in his previous job, however, this allowed him to do leadership work and become the CEO of his own company. Lastly, taking a risk is actually a safe bet. In his early life, Jing decided to travel around the world to gain perspective. Despite being costly and risky, it got him into the hospitality and equipped him with the necessary experience to get him a job in the hospitality industry.

Tips on How to Choose Your Career Path

As a closing note, Jing shared his opinion on how to choose a career path wisely. To start things off, there are two types of companies that you can choose. Startup companies usually suits those who has a wide array of knowledge on a various subjects and seeks exploration, research, and finding out new industries. On the other hand, established corporations are more suited to those who are excellent at one subject and seeks planned executions. In addition, it is advised to choose your boss over the company because your direct managers have more impact towards your career pathway more than the company. A great leader will guide you to develop your mastery and autonomy.

The webinar was then followed with QnA session between Jing and President University representatives before ended with sharing a few words from past interns from President University.

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