Vacation Rental Guide in Bali

img | March 28, 2021

Options in the Uluwatu area

Uluwatu temple is a cultural and natural landmark in the Bukit region. The temple regularly receives a few thousand visitors a day. Every evening, they host a Kecak Dance with dancers performing scenes from the Ramayana Hindu epic.

Uluwatu is well known for temples on the cliff above the ocean. However, the area surrounding Uluwatu is also home to some of the best beaches in Bali. Beaches with soft, golden sand and clear turquoise water. Surfers from around the world crave the consistent and powerful waves in this area. Couples come to get married in dramatic cliff-top chapels that seemingly float over an ocean horizon. Independent travelers come to find seclusion and beauty. We’ve been living in this area for over 6 years now. At this point, we’ve must have hosted over a few thousand travelers in our properties. For us, being amongst our guests is the closest feeling to being continuous travelers ourselves. Hearing firsthand accounts about other places in the world has piqued our curiosity to see all the places our guests have been coming from. Germany. France. Reunion Island. China. Russia.Bungalows Resorts

These types of places usually have 10-12 private rooms or bungalows arranged around a shared garden, restaurant and pool. It’s a quite common arrangement here and could be considered Bali’s version of a B&B. There’s a nice balance between privacy and intimacy. These are usually family operations and the owners and his/her family live onsite in separate quarters but are available should you need any assistance with a motorbike rental, food, buying phone credit or arranging a taxi.Simple Apartments (Kos in Indonesian)

For budget minded travelers or guests looking for a long-term stay in Bali, private apartments are often the best option. Apartment is maybe an overstatement since most of the time, these accommodations are simply a ceramic tiled bedroom with private bathroom. In terms of pricing, expect to pay between $30-50 a night depending on the amenities and location. The rule of thumb is that prices go up as you get closer to the beach. Since electricity is relatively expensive in Bali, expect to pay more for a room with mod-cons like AC, TV, refrigerator, hot water and WiFi.Holiday homes for Rent

Holiday homes are ideal for groups and families that are looking for privacy, space and comfort at a budget. Holiday homes usually don’t have live-in staff, although most will have a housekeeper come by daily to turn the sheets and clean the house. Kitchen, utensils and plates are typically provided. Guests are allowed to cook. As these are usually homes, the service standard is typically pretty basic. Since these home are relying on local utilities, hot water, AC and WiFi could suffer from intermittent failure.Luxury Villas

A good villa needs three components: outstanding architecture, great service and a desirable location. Villas are a bit more luxurious than holiday homes and typically have staff onsite day-round. Meals can be ordered and prepared by a chef, housekeeping standards are on the same level as a hotel. Transportation is usually through a hired car/driver. It’s not unusual to ask the staff to arrange groceries, buy phone credit or run errands. Please do remember to tip them in the end. 8% of your daily rental is good if you’ve received good service.

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