Ni Luh Putu Lilis Sinta Setiawati

Business Data Analytics

Hi, I'm Lilis!

Joined 2020


I specialize in turning data into smart decisions. As a Business Data Analytics, I support our company’s leaders by providing them with accurate facts. Working closely with our Data Science team, I create tools that make our work more efficient and effective.

What I Do:

  • Fact-Based Decisions: I gather and analyze data to help our leaders make informed choices, ensuring our company moves in the right direction.

  • Smart Tools: With the Data Science team, I develop tools that make our work easier and better, helping everyone perform at their best.

  • Continuous Improvement: I believe in always learning and improving. By staying updated, I make sure our strategies are always sharp and effective.


  • Assistant Manager of Business Intelligence (Feb 2021 – Present)

    • Coordinated with leaders to develop and implement strategic plans.
    • Defined and managed achievement of company KPIs, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.
    • Implemented resource optimization strategies based on zone of proximal development and attribute matching.
  • Senior Business Analyst (Sep 2020 – Feb 2021)

    • Oversaw the performances of data analysts and data scientists, ensuring high-quality output.
    • Identified new market opportunities and provided data-driven insights for pricing strategies.
    • Assisted various departments in planning, optimizing, and growing the business through data-driven decision-making.
  • Junior Business Analyst (Feb 2020 – Sep 2020)

    • Developed an Airbnb pricing strategy for 100+ properties by providing in-depth data understanding.
    • Conducted research on new market possibilities during the challenging times of the coronavirus crisis.
    • Created a comprehensive company portfolio used as a pitching deck for potential property partners.

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