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We are hospitality entrepreneurs inventing new ways to Inspire Delight

Our mission is to inspire delight through hospitality innovations that positively transform our guests, employees & partners.

A Property Management Startup Company

Meet Bukit Vista, a property management startup, based in sunny, tropical Bali with a vision to change the future of the hospitality industry. We’re proud to announce an innovative solution that will simplify the lives of property owners & enhance the careers of hospitality workers worldwide. We believe that this application will find massive adoption in the post CoVID 19 world as the hospitality industry rises to a new future.

Bukit Vista has a simple solution that can help property owners get back on their feet faster & cheaper than any other solution currently available. We offer Hospitality Management as a Service. You pay nothing when you make nothing, and you can minimize your labor budget with tangible improvements in management or service quality. How?

Hospitality Management as a Service

Bukit Vista is a team of fun-loving professional hosts who love to work hard and play harder. We are the ambassadors to our neighborhoods. We manage over 170+ unique properties, 12 Airbnb accounts and over 30,000 combined reviews. We’ve hosted over 40,000 Airbnb guests as of Dec 2019.

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We aim to inspire delight through hospitality innovations that positively transform guests, partners & employees.


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