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    How does Bukit Vista work?

  • About Us

    We are hospitality entrepreneurs inventing new ways to delight our guests

    Our mission is to inspire delight through hospitality innovations that positively transform our guests, employees & partners.

    Hospitality Management as a Service

    Bukit Vista is a team of fun-loving professional hosts who love to work hard and play harder. We are the ambassadors to our neighborhoods. We manage over 170+ unique properties, 12 Airbnb accounts and accumulated over 20,000 combined reviews. We've hosted over 40,000 Airbnb guests as of Aug 2019.


    Meet Bukit Vista, a property management startup, based in sunny, tropical Bali with a vision to change the future of the hospitality industry. We’re proud to announce an innovative solution that will simplify the lives of property owners & enhance the careers of hospitality workers worldwide. We believe that this application will find massive adoption in the post CoVID 19 world as the hospitality industry rises to a new future.


    Many owners of short-term properties will face a difficult choice when reopening their properties. How will I afford to pay for workers when I’m not even certain of my own income stream? Furthermore, if you’ve put managers & experienced talent on furlough, how will you as an owner be able to recover that expertise again quickly? And even then, will old skillsets still be useful in the new climate of travel, post COVID-19?


    Bukit Vista has a simple solution that can help property owners get back on their feet faster & cheaper than any other solution currently available. We offer Hospitality Management as a Service. You pay nothing when you make nothing, and you can minimize your labor budget with tangible improvements in management or service quality. How?


    For 7 years, Bukit Vista has been operating on a subscription model with forward thinking property owners on the very competitive accommodation market of Bali. We’ve made millions in revenue for our over 180+ partnerships with hotels, villas, guesthouses and holiday home owners. We train staff & develop hotel quality service levels - for free. Our data science team optimizes revenue through data-driven pricing updated daily - free. Our extraordinary team of content artisans will craft & reiterate the online presence of our properties for maximum exposure. Our community managers guide strategy so that our properties remain as the most desirable & competitive in the marketplace. A team of savvy accountants keep track of your revenues & earnings, and work to keep your income stream strong. All our services are free of fixed cost. Our team works for you and we take only a commission from the total inbound bookings. Big hotel performance without big hotel overhead. Pay for performance, a fair deal.


    Today, the innovative Bukit Vista tools team is releasing an app that brings together all the services at Bukit Vista in a fun, easy to use form. The app serves to give owners a clear view of their finances & the quality of service of their workforce. Zooming in, an owner can track the every payment they’ve received and up to the last guest review for the housekeeper. They can zoom out and monitor overall month-on-month revenue performance and the performance index of their cleaning teams. An AI-enabled technology creates revenue forecast. Complexity is simplified.


    This revolutionary technology had additional benefits for the massive hospitality labor force looking for work at the moment. One of the primary frictions in the industry has been the enormous resources needed to find quality candidates. What if that could be done in zero time and at zero cost? What if you could skip the lengthy HR process of hiring, training & onboarding new candidates - but simply hire for services rendered? Like an Uber for front-office workers, chefs, butlers, housekeepers, marketing team, sales team, etc.


    The Bukit Vista app will enable owners & hospitality managers find & recruit talent with the push of a button. The recruitment technology works seamlessly with our app, allowing effortless coordination & communication between guests & service providers. At the finale of the experience, the guest leaves a review on an OTA, and the review is attributed to the employees involved in the guest experience. Finally simplifying the very difficult task of delivering feedback to the right person. Automagically & instantaneously. Reward & incentive the right employees based on data. With such a feedback record, it become simple & effortless to hire the right candidates for your hospitality mission.


    We can’t wait to get this exciting news out to the world. The innovative model we present today will be the catalyst to bring the hospitality industry back on its feet again.

  • See our offices around Indonesia with Co-Founder, Jing

    Have a look at our Bali Office

    See our offices around Indonesia with Co-Founder, Jing

    Have a look at our Jogja Office

  • Introduction to the Team

    The best work is done by the best teams. At Bukit Vista, we're looking to create a world-class hospitality team to enable our mission of being the most innovative hospitality company in Indonesia.

    Jing is the CEO of Bukit Vista, a villa management and hospitality service company in South Bali

    Hospitality Entrepreneur

    Founder & CEO of Bukit Vista. Jing worked at Airbnb in 2012, as the lead market development officer for Indonesia. He's a 15 years resident in Bali. Jing inspires delight by building great teams and communities. He holds an engineering degree from U.C. Berkeley. If you'd like to know more about him, this is his LinkedIn profile. Read about how he got started in Bali here.

    Wayana is the Co-Founder and Chapter Lead of Market Development at Bukit Vista, a villa management and hospitality service company in South Bali


    Co-Founder, Market Developer

    A native Balinese beauty of the Karangasem regency in East Bali, Wayana is a host to her team, a partner to the Bali property owner community and a delightful insider to her guests. She's brought over a 100 new properties onboard and probably knows the South Kuta area well enough to be the mayor. Her mission is to inspire delight.


    Community Manager

    Rafik is Balinese and comes from right here in Jimbaran. He's worked over 10 years in hospitality, mainly with Norwegian students studying in Bali. He's often found mingling & joking with guests. He inspires delight by making sure our guests are happy, and engaged.

    Bayu is the CTO and works on the internal tools that help Bukit Vista team members get amazing efficiency



    Bayu is the CTO and works on the internal tools that help Bukit Vista team members get amazing efficiency. He's a Tableau Jedi and designs dashboards, calendars and brings clarity to our data warehouse. The team is able to think analytically and plan strategically with the tools Bayu creates. In addition, Bayu takes professional quality photos of our villas & resorts.


    Human Resources - Jogja

    Ara once an intern that join our team after. She takes tourism studies as her major in Universitas Gadjah Mada. A fast learner who drives herself involved into many tasks. The multitasking and persuasive skill made her a killing machine that brings her towards the current role as Human Resources.


    Host - Uluwatu

    Tendi takes care of 40 guests a day in Uluwatu. When he stops at Single Fin for a drink, everyone knows him. He's the go-to person of Uluwatu, both our property partners and our guests bring their business to his capable/intelligent management. Tendi is Balinese from Nusa Dua, loves seafood and movies.



    Diwan is Balinese boy from Tabanan now Ulu boy. He joined BV right after graduated from university. His passion in the Hospitality Industry which makes him master of Uluwatu gives him the nickname of Ulu boy. He meets guests everyday and shares a lot of exotic spots in Padang-Padang and Uluwatu. He loves helping the guests to make their experience become delightful. He loves music and chilling at the beach.


    Revenue & Reservations

    Studied in Universitas Brawijaya Malang, worked as freelance tour guide during his university life and continued in a multinational startup upon graduation. Now he works like sorcerer, forecasting the revenue gain with as little margin possible from the actual gain. Taking care the wellbeing of his squad member and becomes a go to place for advice like a good squad leader he is!


    Content Creator

    Flying around Bali and Jogja once in a while, Ghani captured our aesthetically pleasing properties into long lasting memory in his lenses. Inviting around future guests to stay in our homey properties during their vacation through the beautifully shot pictures. He’s a baby of the team, sometimes makes people laugh with his jokes, most of the time cringe your mood out LOL


    Content Creator

    True Apple ambassador top to toe. Lots of ideation in content creation especially video content come from his agile hands. A really fast learner pupil of life, a very reliable teammate, an excellent impersonator of BV employees, that’s just one proof of how observant he is!


    Air Support

    Shintya is like the big sister of the team, she has big patience, soft voice and heart, and she is tough! She is working hard with her team to delight Nusa Penida's guests online as representative of our beloved Bukit Vista team from Jogja.

    Market Builders, Copywriter, Digital Marketer, Host, Air Support

    We're hiring! Looking to grow our team to accommodate 3 regions in Bali, more guests, more listings and happier partners in 2019.

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