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    Bukit Vista is a team of fun-loving professional hosts who love to work hard and play harder. We are the ambassadors to our neighborhoods. We manage over 300 unique properties, 9 Airbnb accounts and accumulated over 10,000 combined reviews. We've hosted over 30,000 Airbnb guests as of Aug 2018.

    We're builders, managers, hoteliers and chefs. We're here to make your villa experience unforgettable. We're based on the island of Bali, Indonesia.


    Jing and Wayana are the co-founders. Kris was our first team member, and does pricing strategy, guest support and reservations. Bastian is our neighborhood host for guests in the Padang2-Uluwatu area. Bayu develops better tools, works on digital content and looks after guests in Bingin.


    As of 2017, we have three more team members. Denny on Hospitality and Reservations, Jan on Market Building and Rafik on Hospitality.

  • Introduction to the Team

    The best work is done by the best teams. At Bukit Vista, we're looking to create a world-class hospitality team to enable our mission of being the most innovative hospitality company in Indonesia.


    Hospitality Entrepreneur

    Founder of Bukit Vista. Airbnb Alum. 13 year resident in Bali. Jing inspires delight by building great teams and communities. An engineer by trade, Jing takes an analytical approach and is highly result-oriented.


    Co-Founder, Owner Relations

    A native Balinese beauty of the Karangasem regency in East Bali, Wayana is a host to her team, a partner to the Bali property owner community and a delightful insider to her guests. Her mission is to inspire delight.


    Revenue & Reservations

    Kris is our first employee and found us through the Bali Airbnb community. Kris is from Batam and has over 10 years of experience in professional hospitality. Kris inspires delight by hitting our revenue targets, booking over a thousand guests a month, and remaining constantly available to owners and guests alike.


    Market Builders

    Bastian joined Bukit Vista as our very first intern. Fluent in French and frequently the first member to 'test-drive' the pools in our newest villas. Bastian is a cheerful hosts, has met a few hundred of our guests and is currently building new partnerships with Balinese and foreign property owners.


    Content & Internal Tools

    Bayu works on the internal tools that help Bukit Vista team members answer inquiries faster and stay in touch. He designs dashboards, calendars and brings clarity to our data metrics. The team is able to think analytically and plan strategically with the tools Bayu creates. In addition, Bayu takes professional quality photos of our villas & resorts.


    Reservations and Hospitality

    Denny joined recently in November of 2016 and formerly worked at Hard Rock Radio. He inspires delight by making sure that guests receive personal attention and accurate bookings.


    Mobile Hospitality Butler

    Rafik is Balinese and comes from right here in Jimbaran. He's worked over 10 years in hospitality, mainly with Norwegian students studying in Bali. He's often found mingling & joking with guests. He inspires delight by making sure our guests are happy, and engaged.


    Host / Content

    Emil is a double edged sword, she hosts and takes amazing photos of our newest properties. As a host, she's present and authentic. A truly curious soul who takes our guests to see the real Bali. Her photography skills are incredible and she handles drones & mirrorless cameras with professional elan.

    Pak Nungki

    Neighborhood Manager - Jogjakarta

    Pak Nungki is a Jogja native and born into a family coming from the best university in Indonesia. He comes from a career in marketing communications and advertising. His speciality is media planning. He thrives on data. He uses data to explore target audiences and make strategic decisions. His network in Jogjakarta is broad, and should probably run for mayor of the city one day.



    Online Guest Support & Market Research

    Anti is from East Java and worked in event management before joining Bukit Vista. She crushes inquiries, multi-tasks like a wizard, and passes positive vibes. She's helping expansion by testing new markets & connecting our field teams to new property owners.


    Host - Bingin

    Candra is from Bali and hosts on our team in the Bukit region of Bali. He's cool, curious and knowledgable about local culture and customs. Candra inspires delight by being present for our guests in Bingin, managing owner relations, contributing to a better neighborhood. Candra is also a graduate of the STP tourism institute in Nusa Dua.


    Host - Uluwatu

    Tendi takes care of 40 guests a day in Uluwatu. When he stops at Single Fin for a drink, everyone knows him. He's the go-to person of Uluwatu, both our property partners and our guests bring their business to his capable/intelligent management. Tendi is Balinese from Nusa Dua, loves seafood and movies.


    Market Builder / Host - Jogja

    Nanda was one of the pioneers in our Jogja team. She simultaneously finds new partners, negotiates amazing deals, hires new team members and hosts our guests. She's a dynamic and agile team player. She digs Halloween parties, learning Russian and salsa dancing.


    Staff Accountant

    We looked almost 2 years to find Gigih. Jing and Wayana were having hair loss issues before Gigih joined our team. On-time payments are vital to our company's success and Gigih has been like a financial eagle, keeping careful watch over the cash flow of our community.


    Host - Jogja

    Shinta brings cheerful spirit and energetic hospitality to our guests. She crushes it every day. She criss-crosses town checking in our guests, taking their calls, and putting down SuperHost roots.

    More Team Members in 2018

    Accounting, Reservations, Software Developers, Aerial Photography

    We're hiring! Looking to grow our team to accommodate 3 regions in Bali, more guests, more listings and happier partners in 2017.

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