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Owning a piece of Bali real estate immerses you in a paradise where the gentle rustle of palm trees greets you every morning and awe-inspiring sunsets adorn each evening.
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The island's booming tourism industry promises a compelling return on investment. Properties appreciate steadily, offering a lucrative financial growth opportunity of 10-30% ROI.
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Investing in Bali is safe and legal, and our legal partners can take care of all the permits and licensing obligations for your new development project.

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Elevate your investment acumen by leveraging insights into market dynamics and foresight in risk management


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Optimize your property portfolio with tailored recommendations that align with your financial objectives and market needs

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Boost your property’s appeal and marketability through design strategies


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Rp 1000K per Are
  • Investment Strategy

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  • Investment Strategy

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Rp 1000K Per Are
  • * We price on the larger size of land
  • The price stems from comparing two lands
  • Additional land: Rp500K each

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Our team of data scientists collects and analyzes thousands of rental property data points from OTAs (Airbnb) to determine the popularity of a location relative to all other potential properties in the area that a guest or homeowner might consider.

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Rental Property Popularity Map Based on Review 

Jing Cho Yang

CEO & Co-Founder of Bukit Vista


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Bringing a track record of over 15 years in the hospitality and property management industry, Bukit Vista has developed a keen insight into what makes a property stand out. Our CEO, Jinghas firsthand experience working in vacation rentals, real estate agencies, AMAN resorts, and Airbnb. Jing has a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

We have provided advice on numerous real estate investment strategies and property valuations for various investors and developers worldwide.

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Access comprehensive design and construction services for all your prospective projects.

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Experience high-quality services for real estate property purchases, sales, leases, and rentals.

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Curate the ideal ambiance for your guests by partnering with our interior design experts for the perfect layout.

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We offer recommendations for various consulting, legal, and tax services.


Craft inspiring architecture with the collaboration of our world-class partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Bali Property Developers

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Developing a property in Bali can present several factors that investors must carefully consider before investing. Some of these include:

  • Zoning and Land Use Regulations: In Bali, strict regulations govern land use, zoning, and building codes. It’s important to ensure that your property development project complies with these regulations; otherwise, it may face delays or even be denied.

  • Natural Disasters: Bali is located in a region prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons. These events can cause significant damage to property and disrupt the local economy, which can negatively impact your investment. 

  • Political Instability: The political situation in Indonesia can be volatile at times, which can affect the property market in Bali. Changes in government policy or political unrest can create uncertainty, negatively impacting the property market and your investment.

  • Economic Instability: Economic instability in Indonesia and globally can affect the property market in Bali. Changes in interest rates, inflation, and the exchange rate can impact property affordability, leading to fluctuations in the market.

  • Legal Issues: Property and legal issues can arise when developing property in Bali. It is essential to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the legal framework surrounding property ownership and development and that you have a comprehensive agreement in place with your contractor.

Our team of data scientists and analysts collects and analyzes thousands of rental property data points from OTAs (e.g., Airbnb) to determine a location’s popularity relative to all other potential properties in the area that a guest or homeowner might consider. Our analysis includes review ratings, counts, prices, occupancy, and potential ranking. We then plot this data on a heat map to identify specific grade areas based on our analysis.


Bali is a favored destination for both travelers and investors, so it’s unsurprising that numerous individuals are drawn to property investment in the region. Bali boasts several regions ideal for property investment, including Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and many others.

In addition, our real estate partners can guide you in discovering prime investment locations through impartial location referrals.

Read more about potential locations

The most desirable design for a villa in Bali would likely incorporate elements of traditional Balinese architecture, such as high thatched roofs, open-air living spaces, and lush tropical gardens. The villa should also make the most of the stunning natural surroundings, with floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding doors allowing for plenty of natural light and providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Other desirable features include a private pool, outdoor entertaining areas, and a traditional Balinese-style bathroom. Ultimately, the most desirable design for a villa in Bali would seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living and capture the island’s beauty and spirit.

Read more here for Bali villa design

We can develop an investment strategy for development projects in Bali, Gili Trawangan, and Labuan Bajo.

Bukit Vista’s data engineers analyze platform listings to determine each location’s popularity by reviewing quantity and quality and creating a heat map. Green circles signify high satisfaction, blue for moderate, and red for low satisfaction, with the circle size reflecting the number of reviews.

Product User Fit (PUF) measures whether a property can attract a specific traveler every night. Like concert seats, nights vary in desirability. A transparent calendar means high PUF, allowing any length of stay. Occupied dates reduce PUF as available lengths depend on existing bookings. Properties with high PUF offer the most appealing design, location, value, size, and features to a wide range of top-paying guests.

ADR (Average Daily Rate), occupancy rate, and ROI (Return on Investment) depend on location and PUF details. We target at least 60% occupancy with dynamic pricing and higher for properties with strong user fit.

ADR and occupancy data are elusive and not obtainable through secondary sources like Airbnb web-scraping due to uncertainties in what calendar blocks represent—bookings, maintenance, non-paying guests, or owner use. We can, however, merge our data with Airbnb’s second-party data for estimates. For instance, if our 40 Ungasan listings have over ten reviews, we might infer similar ADR or occupancy for properties with comparable brand rankings.

Some partners will have a PT PMA; some partners will not. Every investor will have different appetites for legal risk, and there are cases where you can be overexposed or underexposed, depending on the law. We at Bukit Vista do not assume legal responsibilities for any partner; you’ll need to decide on the right level of compliance from a personal investment standpoint.

Learn more about Indonesian Property Law here

Taxes are the private affairs of each investor, and we will follow your direction. This situation could change in the future, as management companies or platforms may be obligated to collect tax on behalf of owners.

Learn more about tax here

Many investors need to address this issue: real estate is often about location, location, location. The truth in Bali is that the location is only a component of the primary consideration. The key is delivering exceptional guest experience. We’ve seen challenging locations corrected by outstanding design and hospitality; my workplace, Aman Resorts, could be an example of this: $ 3000 USD a night to stay in remote places with no WiFi. We’ve also observed that a culture of exploitation, greed, and short-sightedness has poisoned prime locations; Kuta primarily suffers from this condition. However, even in Kuta, which is generally considered a terrible location, you have exceptional businesses like Me Vui (a Vietnamese super-brand in the Food & Beverage industry) founded in Kuta. Truthfully, we can only evaluate a location based on what you plan to build and for what audience. The best way is to bring us what you think are investment-grade options, and our business analysts will perform a business appraisal. If you’re nice, we might give you some free advice, but this is a paid service.

If you have yet to decide what you plan to build and your audience, at least come with some land or buildings, and we’ll direct you towards an investment strategy plan.

You run no risk since we’ll offer you a money-back guarantee if you can factually prove our appraisals and strategy are incorrect.

Our appraisals and strategy consultations are objective advice with no strings attached. Free consultation is a form of marketing. We do not sell real estate and do not accept kickbacks from recommendations. We earn our income from offering management services to owners with a guaranteed promise to earn the highest return in the shortest time. Since you’ll be several years from needing management services, we are not bundling our management services with ‘free’ investment advice.

We’ve collected millions of data points in Bali since 2011 and are Asia’s most prominent Airbnb host. Our experience across a wide range of properties, including villas, apartments, guesthouses, resorts, and hotels, and the strength of our technology gives us a unique and powerful perspective about what works and does not work as an investment vehicle.

Paying for an investment consultation saves you potentially millions of dollars in misery from the redesign, variation orders, or empty properties. The worst part could be that you have repeated a known mistake that befell a previous developer. Be smart, pay for the consultation, and confidently go ahead knowing you did your homework.

We do not. However, we can appraise properties to determine the correct investment grade and we can recommend the following trusted real estate agencies in Bali, which also include our Community Experts:

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