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Our revenue-based pricing ensures that your success is our success as well. Discover how we’ve assisted our partner in reaching their full potential.

Partner Transformation Story

1500% Revenue growth since 2019

Breeze hidden village house  began as a 4-bedroom bungalow. After being managed by Bukit Vista for 1 year, revenue grew by 133% with $170 average daily rate.

With this increase in revenue, they decide to build two new wooden bungalows. And as of 2019 has seen a 1,500% revenue growth.

Read more here

38% ROI AVG Revenue projection

Bird Hills tree house started as a single property unit by our partners.
After we managed their property last year, it gained
$ 2,500 + monthly revenue.

A new development project is ongoing to build more property units in the area with an estimated 38% Average yearly revenue growth in the next 10  years for new investors.

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Nusa Dua Bali View From Above, taken by drone shot

46% Increase RevPAR

NDBV Lot 3 started as a development project by our foreign partner back in 2018. 4 years later, we were able to help the property achieve 
400 Avg RevPAR, 97% Revenue growth, & 350 Avg monthly daily rate.

Through the use of dynamic pricing, the BVGO App, and machine learning.
We aim to  innovate using data & technology to optimize your property 


Our investment strategy service​

A strategy for investors or developers with a piece of land looking to decide what to build, how many units,
and the best design for the overall area.

Rp 500,000 IDR per 100 square meters of land
  • Max of 10,000,000 IDR

How is the property appraisal Timeline & Procedure?

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Access comprehensive design and construction services for all your prospective projects

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Experience high-quality services for real estate property purchases, sales, leases, rentals.

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Curate the ideal ambiance for your guests by partnering with our interior design experts for the perfect layout

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We offer recommendations for a range of consulting, legal, and tax services.


Craft inspiring architecture with the collaboration of our world-class partners.



Consult for property development valuation!

For well-informed property development and investment decisions, trust in our professional, accurate, and impartial business intelligence team.

We are capable of appraising and valuing a variety of properties in Bali.

Bukit Vista team doing revenue projection for managed properties

Frequently Asked Questions

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Developing a property in Bali can present several risks that need to be carefully considered before making an investment. Some of these risks include:

  1. Zoning and Land Use Regulations: In Bali, there are strict regulations governing land use, zoning, and building codes. It’s important to ensure that your property development project complies with these regulations, otherwise it may face delays or even be denied.

  2. Natural Disasters: Bali is located in a region that is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons. These events can cause significant damage to property and disrupt the local economy, which can have a negative impact on your investment.

  3. Political Instability: The political situation in Indonesia can be volatile at times and this can affect the property market in Bali. Changes in government policy or political unrest can create uncertainty, which can negatively impact the property market and your investment.

  4. Economic Instability: Economic instability in Indonesia and globally can affect the property market in Bali. Changes in interest rates, inflation, and the exchange rate can impact the affordability of property, leading to fluctuations in the market.

  5. Legal Issues: Property disputes and legal issues can arise when developing property in Bali. It is important to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the legal framework surrounding property ownership and development, as well as to have a comprehensive agreement in place with your contractor.

Our team of data scientists and analysts collects and analyzes thousands of rental property data points from OTAs (e.g., Airbnb) to determine the popularity of a location relative to all other potential properties in the area that a guest or homeowner might consider. This includes review ratings, counts, prices, occupancy, and potential ranking. We then plot this data on a heat map to identify specific grade areas based on our analysis.


Bali is a favored destination for both travelers and investors, which makes it unsurprising that numerous individuals are drawn to property investment in the region. Bali boasts several regions ideal for property investment, including Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and many others.

In addition, our real estate partners can guide you in discovering prime investment locations through impartial location referrals.

Read more about potential locations

The most desirable design for a villa in Bali would likely incorporate elements of traditional Balinese architecture, such as high thatched roofs, open-air living spaces, and lush tropical gardens. The villa should also make the most of the stunning natural surroundings, with floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding doors that allow for plenty of natural light and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Other desirable features might include a private pool, outdoor entertaining areas, and a traditional Balinese-style outdoor bathroom. Ultimately, the most desirable design for a villa in Bali would be one that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living and captures the beauty and spirit of the island.

Read more here for Bali villa design

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