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Round Table Talk

Bukit Vista hosts a community program to engage partners and potential partners, including property owners, representatives from development companies, contractors, property staff, real estate professionals, guests, government representatives, and other stakeholders directly involved in the property and hospitality industry. This initiative aims to foster collaboration, share insights, and develop strategies for mutual growth within this sector.


About Round Table Talk

The Round Table Talk concept revolves around hosting casual discussions focused on various aspects of business, addressing business challenges, exploring solutions, discussing the latest innovations in the industry, sharing business experiences, and more, all while enjoying relaxed meals. (lunch and dinner times are highly encouraged).

The gatherings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, providing opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing among participants. Bukit Vista meticulously documents these sessions and shares the outcomes across multiple promotional platforms, including our website, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our Valuable Partners Inspiring One Another

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The First Round Table Talk

4 July 2023

Discover the event that marked the inception of Bukit Vista’s Round Table Talk program, where Bukit Vista and its attendees forged partnerships over delicious cuisine.

Learn more about the start of our delightful program 

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We Invite You to Our Office

Stay well-informed by the most knowledgeable property manager in Bali, who is available directly from our office.

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Engage in Insight at Round Table Talk!

Crave impactful conversations and industry insights? Our Round Table Talk is your arena to connect, share, and drive the future of hospitality and property management. Ignite change with us—your voice matters. Secure your seat today!

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