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Round Table Talk

A community program hosted by Bukit Vista to engage partners and potential partners, such as property owners, representatives from development companies, contractors, property staff, real estate professionals, guests, government representatives, and other stakeholders directly involved in the property and hospitality industry.

About Round Table Talk

The concept of The Round Table Talk revolves around hosting casual discussions focused on various aspects of business, addressing business challenges, exploring solutions, discussing the latest innovations in the industry, sharing business experiences, and more, all while enjoying relaxed meals. (lunch and dinner times are highly encouraged).

The gatherings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, providing opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing among participants. These sessions are meticulously documented, and the outcomes are shared across multiple promotional platforms of Bukit Vista, including our website, Instagram, Linkedin, and others

Our Valuable Partners Inspiring One Another

alex dinner

The First Round Table Talk

4 July 2023

Discover the event marked the inception of Bukit Vista’s Round Table Talk dinner program,
where partnerships were forged over a delicious cuisine.

Learn more about the start of our delightful program 

Exploring Culture, Travel, and Life with Helmi and Naish

Cultural Dinner with Helmi and Naish

19 September 2023

In the spirit of open dialogue and cultural exchange, we recently had the privilege of hosting a captivating Round Table Talk with two remarkable guests on 19th of September 2023: Helmi and Naish

Learn more about the culture we discussed

From Pertamina to Property Investment: Unggul's Inspiring Retirement Odyssey

16 September 2023

Bukit Vista invitied one of property owner, come from corporate success at Pertamina background to embracing art and property, Unggul’s retirement journey inspires new opportunities and creativity.
dinner with asia exchange

Reunion with Asia Exchange Founders

29 August 2023

Bukit Vista reconnects with the founders of Asia Exchange.

What started as a shared commitment to providing exceptional housing options for students coming to study in Bali, rekindle conversations of Sauna culture, poolside memories, and a shared educational journey

Learn more about our evening reunion 

business dinner

A Night of Business and Flavors

28 August 2023

In a delightful evening affair, we had the pleasure of hosting Johan, Keith, Alex, and Ayus for a memorable dinner. The mix of business insights and culinary conversations made for an engaging and enjoyable experience. With hearts full and minds inspired, everyone looked forward to the promising horizons that lay ahead. 

Learn more about our memorable night

villa raava dinner

A Dinner Uniting Present and Future Partners

24 August 2023

New partners Rory & Casey from Villa Raava dined with investor Pak Melvin and Bukit Vista’s team, discussing projections, pricing, and Hindu mythology over Indian cuisine.

Learn more about our delightful dinner 

syafri rtt

A Dinner with Data Experts and Visionaries

19 August 2023

Mr. Syafri, Gojek’s VP of Data Science, along with Villa Tupa’s owners, Bu Anna and Pak Boris, had a delightfull dinner  at our base to discuss driving positive changes in hospitality.

Learn more about our positive meeting

oscar dinner

Dinner of Artistic Passion and New Partnership

15 August 2023

Mr. Carlos, an artist, a builder of homes, and a man whose journey has been as fascinating as his tales, sat down to have dinner with our team in order to form a new strategic partnership.

Learn more about our inspiring dinner

discussion with legal partners

A Chat with Our Legal & Financial Partners

10 August 2023

Our financial and tax partners made the long trip from Denpasar to our office, where we shared home-cooked meals and discussed the various tax and property ownership laws in Indonesia.

Learn more about our delightful meeting 

dinner with leads

Dinner with Current and Future Partners

7 August 2023

We welcomed Bu Mayang, owner of Ra Re Villa, and our partner Frederic, owner of Istana Dalton and Istana Willy since 2017, to share their stories, experiences, and insights over a delightful dinner to identify areas for improvement for future guests.

Learn more about our collaborative discussions 

villa gato dinner

Dinner with Max and Raquel from Villa Del Sol

3 August 2023

We invited Max and Raquel from Villa Del Sol, as well as Oscar from Villa Gato, to join us for a cozy dinner. During the dinner, we discussed ways to improve our partnerships moving forward.
housekeeping dinner

Gathering with Bali's Housekeepers

1 August 2023

We brought together Bali’s housekeepers for a heartfelt dinner, fostering dialogue, addressing their daily challenges, and empowering them through enriching training sessions.

Learn more about our valuable housekeepers 

table namaskar

Partnership meeting with Villa Namaskar

28 July 2023

Eric and Stephanie, our recent partners and owners at Villa Namaskar, sat down to discuss the opportunity to work together and provide unforgettable experiences for the guests.

Our Talents Shaping the Future of Hospitality

ntu presentation

NTU Students PEAK Presentation

3 August 2023

Students from the NTU PEAK program gave a presentation on the current challenges of Bukit Vista’s operations and provided
their innovative solutions.

Learn more about their presentation

ntu discussion

Sharing Knowledge with NTU Students

24 July 2023

Jing, CEO of Bukit Vista, discussed knowledge management with NTU students as part of the NTU PEAK 3-week accelerated program. They tackled real business challenges and collaboratively created innovative solutions.

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