Unified Platform for Streamlined Access and Management

BIGRR enhances property management and business operations by streamlining workflows into one application, boosting efficiency for employees and partners to manage tasks effortlessly, driving productivity and growth.


BIGRR is a comprehensive web application designed to streamline various aspects of property management and business operations. It’s accessible to both employees and partners, enhancing their ability to manage and monitor various responsibilities effectively

Features on BIGRR

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Unlock the power of data with BIGRR’s Business Intelligence and Analytics. Dive deep into market trends, guest insights, and operational metrics to steer your business strategy with confidence. Make informed decisions, forecast with accuracy, and outmaneuver the competition. BIGRR is your key to a data-driven future.

Role-Specific Access and Functions

Customize your team’s workflow with BIGRR’s Role-Specific Access and Functions. Tailor permissions and tools to fit every role, from Marketing to Finance, ensuring everyone has exactly what they need to excel. Streamline operations, enhance productivity, and safeguard your data. With BIGRR, every team member is empowered yet secure.

Efficient Operations Management

Revolutionize your day-to-day with BIGRR’s Efficient Operations Management. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities, BIGRR paves the way for a smoother, more efficient operational flow. Focus on what you do best, while BIGRR ensures everything runs like clockwork. Elevate your operational efficiency and team performance to new heights.

Streamlining Property Management Collaboration

Innovative system designed to optimize coordination between employees and property partners, ensuring top-tier management and operational efficiency for your properties.

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