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Bukit Vista First Principles of Property Rentals

Our analysts have pinpointed the five crucial principles that significantly influence the investment potential of your property. At Bukit Vista, we regard your property as more than just a piece of real estate; we see it as a dynamic business entity. Our asset management team concentrates on the foundational aspects that render your business competitive, sustainable, and profitable for the entirety of your ownership or leasing period.

The Qualitative Analysis

Bukit Vista’s core principles underpinning unforgettable property rental experiences

Ranking Potential

Design Grade

Location Grade

Product-User Fit

The Quantitative Analysis

The use of mathematical models to define financial viability and forecast investment performance.

Least Revenue per Month

Least represents the lowest monthly revenue your property is likely to earn in the next 12 months.

Average Revenue per Month

The average monthly revenue your property is likely to earn in the next 12 months.


Fixed Expenses

Expenses that remain constant no matter what the occupancy. These include:

  • Staff salaries management
  • Base utilities: internet, trash collection, pest control, community fee
  • Baseline electricity & water: garden, pool pumps, fridges

Variable Expenses

Expenses that rise/fall due to more guests or greater occupancy

  • Marketing and management fees
  • Guest consumption: water, electricity, laundry

Estimated Net Income over Contract

The profit expected after all deductions for the life of a contract.


The probability, expressed as a percentage, that financial estimates accurately forecast actual results.

Meet our Team of Experts

At the forefront of integrating data science and AI into our industry, we have established these disciplines as the cornerstone of our approach.

Specializes in detecting revenue opportunities, optimizing property rankings, and fostering relationships with partners.

Focuses on analyzing market trends, evaluating property performance, and making data-driven recommendations to boost revenue and profitability.

Employs data analytics and statistical modeling techniques to uncover and capitalize on revenue-generation opportunities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? We’ve got you covered!

The reliability of the business plan depends crucially on the ability of the property to achieve and sustain ranking. Once ranking has been gained and sustained, the business process becomes quite regular and predictable.

The ranking is highly influenced by guest experiences and guest experiences depend on location, amenities, design, and management quality. The ranking is also dependent on the frequency of bookings. If you don’t get a booking for a while, your ranking drops. If you get bookings too fast, it could mean you’re leaving money on the table due to selling for less than what the market will bear.

The most important factor in business plan reliability is your relationship with the management company. If you decide to intervene on prices, change the availability, or interrupt the ranking process with many spurious changes after we begin, then the business plan’s reliability drops.

We’ve never failed to perform according to our commitments as long as owners respect the principal-owner relationship

It takes up to 3-4 working days to generate a business plan, but we’re working on reducing that time with the help of faster tools, automation, and AI.

The most critical information is the contract’s value and reliability. The contract value will be our estimate for how much Bukit Vista will earn for your property over a 1-year or 3-year contract. This is a unique and original standard innovated by Bukit Vista. No other property management company offers this commitment.

Each owner will come with a unique product and relationship. We begin to know you and understand your story usually through our Round Table Talks. From that straightforward beginning, we will adjust the content, branding, and particulars of your property to reach the highest attainable contract value we can estimate (see our inspirational branding here). You’ll receive renovation plans with detailed insights, and we’d be happy to introduce you to community experts who can help you improve the investment value of your villa.

We do that every day. Simply put, we make sure you get a minimum booking pace. That is the most clear indicator that your property is aligned with current market trends. This sometimes will involve discounts to your least valuable nights, in order to improve your ranking so that high-value nights on the calendar have better visibility to guests. As long as your ranking is doing better than the majority of other options in the very competitive market, your investment will avoid the worst pitfalls and enjoy the best opportunities from this heightened visibility. You can monitor your progress via a contract count-down dashboard atop the BV-GO app.

We listen very closely to the over 500 reviews we receive weekly with the help of machine learning algorithms to spot weak sentiments or unhappiness. Our large network of properties allows us to learn the best practices from the experience gained from a single unit, and apply the experience immediately to any other properties managed within the community.

We’re proactive about our Delightful Operations and send inspectors to check on 50 critical priority points within our properties to ensure guest satisfaction. We don’t over-employ too many people since that’s a wasteful expenditure, so we give a small team excellent inspection tools, including iPads, custom survey software, and smart calendar prioritization to examine and fix the most crucial areas to ensure guest delight. Our inspection data is then passed over to our data-engineering team and smart reports are compiled for each property to understand and forecast failure points. 

Our eyes are on the horizon to positively transform the Indonesian hospitality landscape, and it begins critically with a great team. We have one of the strongest company cultures in Indonesia. Our senior employees are hired domestically and have been through the ups and downs of working long-term in the hospitality industry. They’ve successfully navigated through airport shutdowns during volcanoes, COVID-19 for two years, and are on their toes every day. Our teams are hired from the best talent sources available domestically and internationally, with the majority of hires coming from the top 3 universities in Indonesia. We put them through extensive and rigorous hospitality training to qualify a Bukit Vista employee for three critical entrepreneurial attributes:

  • Growth mindset
  • Bias to action
  • Self-learning

What our tenants and partners can expect is to be inspired and delighted by thoughtful and innovative service that’s proactive and solution-driven. This proactive and solution-driven approach is why we are the largest property management company in Bali.

The expected ROI can vary significantly due to several factors including the type of property, the owner-manager relationship, and other variables. We are planning to introduce an automated and accurate ROI estimator in 2024. However, since we offer a money-back guarantee on our ROI projections, we continue to involve specialized data analysts and senior executives to verify our estimates. This thorough approach ensures the reliability of our projection. We provide free business plans for owners considering Bukit Vista to manage their properties. Currently, as of March 2024, we require a minimum monthly revenue production of USD 3,500 for management eligibility.
Partnering with Bukit Vista provides distinct advantages, particularly for high-priority clients. Here’s how we maximize your financial returns:
  • Detailed Appraisal: We provide a comprehensive appraisal that protects your property’s potential monthly earnings when managed by our experienced team.
  • Focus on Profitability: Our main goal is to maximize your financial returns, making us the ideal partner if financial performance is your priority.
  • Efficient Management: The partnership ensures your investment is managed efficiently, which enhances profitability.
For a general overview of what to expect financially, please refer to our Financial Investment section. This approach ensures you have all the information to see why Bukit Vista could be your best choice for managing your investment.
No hidden fees are involved when you partner with us. However, we strive to provide the most accurate financial projections possible during the business plan stage. Here are some considerations:
  • Estimation Reliability: If we encounter unpredictable revenue or expense factors, our estimates may have a lower reliability (40-60%). This typically occurs in regions with limited historical data.
  • Potential Adjustments: Unexpected conditions may necessitate budget adjustments. For example:
    • Electricity Instability: We may need to include a generator in the budget to ensure a reliable power supply.
    • Water Usage: In areas without government penalties for excessive water use, we might anticipate greater reliance on tank water.

To help us provide the most accurate forecasts and avoid unforeseen charges, please inform our business analysts of any such conditions.

When considering short-term buy-sell conditions for land, our approach focuses on maximizing your return in the shortest possible time. We provide strategic advice tailored to your situation, including what to build, how many units to construct, and which designs are most effective for the local area. Additionally, we help you avoid market cannibalization and maintain a sustainable relationship with the local legal and cultural landscape. This comprehensive plan ensures you make the most informed decisions to achieve the greatest return on your investment.

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