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Our Best-Selling Package Plans

As a professional and transparent villa and property management company, we craft packages only with your best interests in mind.

Hospitality Packages

We've expanded our model to include premium services that require only a modest investment.
We reflect our commitment to maximizing your property's earnings through our revenue-sharing strategy. This strategy guarantees that you pay no fees until your property generates income, aligning your costs directly with your success.

Delightful Property

Just take care of my property,
lifestyle over investment
$ 200 /bedroom/month

Inspired Branding

Build a powerful brand with Bukit Vista
to get quality bookings 
% 15 Revenue Sharing*

Inspired Investment

Fastest Return on Investment -
Money Back Guarantee **
% 20 Revenue Sharing*


For a Hassle-Free Bali Villa Management

Get the facts right with the most knowledgeable Bali Property Management

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • There are no monthly management fees charged to property owners.
  • We solely operate on a revenue-sharing basis, which is determined by the total bookings.
  • Through our revenue-sharing model, you only incur costs related to property operations.
  • Payments to Bukit Vista will be processed online when guests make a booking through an OTA (, Airbnb, Agoda, etc.).
  • Each OTA service has its own payment processing methods.
  • For Airbnb, the accurate payment amounts will be sent separately to the owner (you) and Bukit Vista, following the revenue-sharing breakdown.
  • will issue a payment for all bookings on the 15th of the subsequent month.

Yes, payments can be made to international bank accounts. We arrange for automatic payments from the OTA to your bank account.

The recipient will need to provide Bukit Vista with their bank account details, including the bank’s name, account number and holder’s name, along with a photo of their ID card (passport).

Payments may take up to 7 working days, and you will receive the net value after commission.

The minimum contract length for property rental is 1 year.

We calculate revenue sharing after deducting fees from OTAs (such as Airbnb,, etc), but before applying taxation. For further information on property tax, please refer to this link.

The property manager is not accountable for the property’s operating expenses.

The property owner bears the responsibility for the operating expenses associated with the property. These include costs for utilities like water, electricity, and internet, as well as salaries for housekeeping staff (calculated based on the compensation system in place with the employed staff), procurement of cleaning tools, laundry, potential damage expenses, and handyman costs in case of any damages. Additionally, costs for equipping facilities to meet the standard are also the owner’s responsibility.

We do offer our community experts for services such as cleaning, pool maintenance, legal assistance, and interior design to support the operation of your property.

After discussing with property managers and our finance team in Bukit Vista, we can estimate the average monthly expanse it takes to manage a villa. As well as an estimation of the potential revenue generated & monthly ROI.

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