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Why We Are
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We distinguish ourselves in Bali villa management with a data-driven and AI-enhanced approach that maximizes property revenue and optimizes guest satisfaction.

Our comprehensive services range from personalized marketing and real-time performance tracking to professional onsite staff training, ensuring properties are managed to the highest standards.


Explore What We Are Doing Better

As a premier Bali villa management company, we seamlessly integrate smart technology and profound expertise to manage your property with unparalleled dedication. Our targeted strategies will amplify your investment, ensuring your success becomes effortlessly achievable.

Inspirational Branding

We get your brand up to speed on Airbnb in the the shortest time, accelerating your bookings and sustainable revenue performance.
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Inspirational Investment Advice 

We offer data-driven investment grade advice to our potential partners. We personalize business plans and see how much we can earn for you over the term of a contract.
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Delightful Partner Community 

Meet our community of owners, investors and developers at our bi-weekly dinners and get your questions answered.
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Delightful Operations

We have the highest number of 5-star Airbnb reviews in the world and we're growing the fastest.
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Our Power in Numbers

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Years of experience
– est 2012

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Total bookings taken per day – on average

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Average 4.5+ star reviews

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USD Avg. monthly revenue generated by our properties or Rp63.000.000+


Partner Testimonials

Our Curated Brand Portfolio

Villa Marlex



Nusa Dua

Villa Well Bingin


Villa Hattala



Nusa Dua

Villa Mango Sky


Bhadra Villa


Villa Permana




Hospitality Packages

We've expanded our model to include premium services that require only a modest investment.
Our commitment to maximizing your property's earnings is reflected in our revenue-sharing strategy. You'll only invest when your property earns, ensuring costs are always covered by your success.

Delightful Property

Just take care of my property,
lifestyle over investment
$ 200 /bedroom/month

Inspired Marketing

Build a powerful brand with Bukit Vista
to get quality bookings 
% 15 Revenue Sharing*

Inspired Investment

Fastest Return on Investment -
Money Back Guarantee **
% 20 Revenue Sharing*

*Revenue sharing is a partnership where profits are equitably distributed, rewarding property owners and Bukit Vista's unique contribution to success.

**Refund of all management fees if you're dissatisfied with our business management in the first 3 months


For a Hassle-Free Bali Villa Management

Get the facts right with the most knowledgeable Bali Property Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Consultation: Start with a quick chat to learn about your property and expectations.

  2. Business Plan: Get a personalized proposal with revenue projections for your property.

  3. Contract: If you agree to our proposal, we’ll create a contract.

  4. Onboarding: Our team will handle your onboarding process by taking beautiful photos, promoting your property online, creating a pricing strategy, training onsite staff, and getting every detail correct for your guests.

  5. Monitor: Sit back, relax, and monitor your property’s performance from the BV Go mobile app.
As the most advanced and trustworthy Bali property management company, we offer the greatest and fastest return on investment for our property partners. We continuously innovate using data science, AI, and just simple traditional hospitality to gain your property an edge in a competitive and disruptive travel marketplace in Bali.
Benefit to partners:
  • Regular training and quality control to make sure your property is at its best performance
  • Free Consultation with Community Experts for topics like interior design, architecture, legal administration, tax, etc.
  • Partner Celebration and Gathering
  • Exclusive community to share tips and QnA with another Bukit Vista community member
  • Marketing on Major OTAs
  • Guest reservation management & online booking specialist
  • Online booking services for guests
  • Guest hosting training
  • Pricing management system and dedicated revenue managers
  • On-site staff training
  • Hospitality operational team

We will market your property on all social media and the biggest vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com.

Bukit Vista as a renowned Bali villa management company, is also known to be the largest Airbnb host community in Indonesia. With more than 50,000 reviews generated from our OTAs, we believe your properties will automatically get higher exposure and reach more prospective guests. As we also regularly monitor the market to provide you with the most competitive price to sell your villa. 

  • We charge zero monthly management fees to property owners.
  • We only take revenue sharing based on the total bookings. 

As required by the Indonesia government, you are required to pay rental property tax

Learn more about rental property tax in Indonesia

We do not handle tax arrangements directly, but we can connect you with our community experts to assist with bookkeeping and tax reporting.

Our business intelligence team analyzes data from the market such as location, average rate, occupancy rate, seasonality, facilities, and amenities, among others.

Contact us to determine your property’s potential revenue projection. 

  • Payments to Bukit Vista will be processed online when guests make a booking through an OTA (Booking.com, Airbnb, Traveloka, etc.).
    Each OTA service has different ways of processing payments.
  • Airbnb will send the correct payment amounts to the owner (you) and Bukit Vista separately according to the revenue-sharing breakdown.
  • Booking.com will send payment for all bookings on the 15th of the following month.

Yes, there is a minimum contract length: 

  • For a business package, the partnership duration is one year.
  • For a full-board service, the partnership duration is three years.

Yes, payments can be made to international banking accounts. We set up automatic payments from the OTA to your bank account.

The recipient will need to provide Bukit Vista with their bank account details, including the name of the bank, the account number and holder name, and a photo of the ID card (passport). 

Payment can take up to 7 working days and you will receive net value after commission.

We focus on daily rentals since there is a higher demand for frequent short-term visitors in tourist destinations, business hubs, and popular areas. This approach allows us to target a larger market and use a dynamic pricing strategy for higher revenue potential. 

We also don’t offer daily rentals with a minimum of nights booked, since it can reduce the flexibility of our offerings and may impact revenue reliability. Generally, the more flexible you are, the broader the market you can target.

Learn more on short-term Vs long-term booking strategy

Discover Your Financial Future: Click Here to Unlock Your Revenue Projection

Are you a property owner? Fill in this form to unveil the potential of your financial landscape with our Revenue Projection tool. Make informed decisions by understanding your future revenue streams today. 

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What are the expected online visitors for my property?

Experience an unprecedented increase in online visibility with our property management services. Our expert strategies ensure your property stands out, attracting 19 times more online visitors than any competitor in the area. This surge in visibility not only elevates your property’s profile but significantly boosts your booking rates and revenue.

Source: Our Airbnb data (February 2024)

How much can I save on expenses while using the Bukit Vista service?​

Our innovative management approach redefines efficiency, operating properties with 86% lower expenses than projected in business plans. 

  • We reduce your leading expenses through smart technological innovations such as automated check-in, AI staff management, preventive maintenance, which you can track anytime in our BV-GO app.
  • We improve your revenue by streamlining the competitive ranking process and positioning your property at the top of search results.
  • The net benefit is a sustainable, profitable business that is robust, with excellent business performance in both low & high seasons and keeping our commitment to the highest return in the shortest time.

Source: Our internal data (October 2023)

What percentage of occupancy can I expect to achieve?

With an occupancy rate 78.5% higher than competitors, we guarantee your property an impressive 87.1% occupancy. Our strategic positioning and marketing expertise ensure consistent bookings, providing you with a reliable and enhanced income stream.

Source: Our Airbnb data (February 2024)

What is the expected number of reviews I will receive?

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the satisfaction of our guests, with 82.7% of Airbnb reviews rating us at 5 stars. This exceptional level of guest satisfaction underscores the premium experience we deliver, setting your property apart in the competitive market.

Source: Our Airbnb data (February 2024)

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