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We will prioritize the recruitment process for
Magang Bersama Kampus Merdeka (MBKM)
until Wednesday, February 8th 2023

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More than a place to work,
Bukit Vista is a place to Inspire Delight & Positively Transform

Our 8 Core Values

Core Values are the guidance for our team to run the company’s missions, intensify the company’s culture, and bring delight to our community. We look for people who transform our Core Values into actual actions.

How Bukit Vista Helps Employees' Career Advancement?


We are global citizen who are constantly disrupting hospitality industry with technology. Our multicultural english-speaking team come from Indonesia, Singapore, India, America, and Romania. 


Hone your entrepreneurial skills by having ownership of your projects. Good entrepreneurs will have keen eyes on spotting problems and creating solutions. Propose a creative project, get it approved, use our resources and collaborate with anyone in the company!


Our working culture will inspire you to be the best leader for yourself, your team, and other people. We provide a nurturing workspace where your innovative ideas are highly appreciated and your work truly impact our guests, partners and employees.


Learn from the experts. We connect and guide you to build high-quality engagements with many global experts from various areas of expertise. Check our Startup Masterclass for more details.


Knowledge is power. You can get access to online learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and MasterClass, E-books, best practices, and valuable takeaways from our professional networking with global experts.


Remote working is a new norm. As an innovative company, we’re always keeping up to date with the latest technology that can make our work life efficient. This includes using internal tools which enables you to work from anywhere: your home, cafe that you’d like to visit regularly, our Bali and Yogyakarta bases, anywhere!

The Exclusive Partner of World-Leading Institutions

kampus merdeka partner

What they said
about us

Meet our champions, talent, and leaders!

I had a great internship experience at Bukit Vista. Throughout my internship period as a HR intern, I was allowed the freedom to be innovative and work on my own projects. The privilege of being involved in projects such as BV E-talk have made me learn a lot about project management skills and communication skills. Aside from that, I also picked up valuable skills through BV’s masterclass and professional networking, which I believe will equip me as I enter into the working world. Thank you BV for the amazing internship experience!
by XinTong Cai
Student, Nanyang Technological University
Internship at BV will let you fully explore yourself and grow with yourself being the only limit. You are free to discuss, design, and even run ideas. In just 3 months of internship, I can already feel the vision of the company being delivered, and that is to Inspire Delight to everyone and everywhere. Thanks for inspiring me!
by Joseph Lie
Student, School of Business and Management ITB
Interning at Bukit Vista especially during the pandemic will be a memorable experience. You suddenly have access to connections and knowledge from the world and modern workplace outside of university. The internship has given me a lot more confidence about knowing my own interests as well as knowing which skills I can sharpen into valuable tools for the future.
by Tara Mireya Gloria Sitindjak
Student, University College Utrecht
It was my first internship ever and I cannot be more grateful that I got one at Bukit Vista. Three and a half month and I feel nothing but pure growth. It's quite sad that to pass up my work, my sweat, my knowledge for them to continue to thrive. But in return, I receive reflections, connections, growth, and even more knowledge (especially in communication and workflow) and that is absolutely priceless. I can only hope that I was able to give just as much as I've received.
by Farizio Kautsar
Student, Universitas Indonesia
"Working in Bukit Vista is a great and inspiring experience for me. The work culture, environment, colleague here is friendly, open, yet also motivating to us to grow and learn each day. The way that the we value the vision mission and core values of Bukit Vista is what encourage us to work and improve towards the same goal and also inspiring delight in many ways."
by Nathaniel Jason
Back-End Dev. Intern, Student - ITB
I can't think of any other company that allows you to experience such a wide spectrum of skills and also given the autonomy & trust to execute tasks from day one. The work culture here is super awesome & vibrant, and everyone is really fun-loving to work with! The Bukit Vista's core values, vision and mission has really inspire me delight on doing my job and activities.
by Nadia Diah Safitri
UI/UX Designer, Alumna ESDi Universitat Ramon Llull

What's It Like To Work Here?

Learn more about how working here looks like through our hall of fame & innovative projects

Our Available Roles

Be part of the solution

Join our mission to innovate hospitality and positively transform guests, partners, and our team!

Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQ)

We’re here to answer your questions on your job application!

Generally, our recruitment process is done through these steps:

  • Resume/CV Screening → Online Interview → Trials

But, we also conduct the online assessment for several roles. 

This internship program required a minimum 3 months length

The working hours of Bukit Vista are from 9am to 6pm GMT+8. 

The working hour is quite flexible for people who are still taking classes, as long as the schedule do not clash with their respective chapter weekly meeting.

Yes, the internship will be full remote working. You can work from any where, even from outside Indonesia.

We use Trello, Slack, Whereby, Google Meet, Google Calendar, and other online tools depending of your line of work.

Yes, there is the possibility of conversion if the intern displays exemplary performance during their internship.

The main communication language is English. You need to be fluent both in written speaking.

Nope. We currently implement unpaid internship at the moment.

Need to take note that this excludes the candidates that apply through the MBKM program. For applicants coming from MBKM Program will be receiving their renumeration from Indonesia’s government. 

Contact Person:

Syelynn Arifin – HR Officer

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