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  • What's it like to work here?

    At Bukit Vista, we are hosts first. Hosts to our guests. Hosts to our property partners. Hosts to our employees. We want to nurture a work environment based on trust and transparency. The best ideas win. A place of no politics and where everyone comes happy to do their best work. We are changing the hospitality industry in Bali, one guest at a time. It's more than a job, it's a calling.


    It begins with great teammates. We work hard and we play hard. We scribble our ideas on white boards, analyze data on big monitors, meet thousands of guests a month, learn new languages, crush inquiries, shoot beautiful photos, fly drones, talk with big-shot property owners, we eat lunch together, we travel together to new places to build new marketplaces, we celebrate birthdays, we celebrate review milestones, we dress up on formal Fridays. Are you one of us?


    Are you a thinker, an entrepreneur? Are you obsessed with serving guests, and inspiring delight to those around you? Do you being around other people who are equally passionate about making the world a better place? If that sounds like a place where you can belong, then we want to welcome you home at Bukit Vista.

  • Core Values

    We want to keep our innovation spirit healthy and nurture an environment where team members can grow and achieve self-confidence and make important decisions. To guide our efforts, we instill core values via our company culture.

    Step on Toes

    Best ideas rule. Not titles or position. Anybody at our company can speak up without fear of reprisal.

    Be Transparent

    We value creative innovation. We dislike politics. Transparency guides our culture of high alignment and trust.

    Be the Hero

    As a hospitality company lead by innovation, we display openness and compassion for our guests. When called to go above and beyond, we step forward to the challenge.

    Help others First

    To become a true hospitality company, we anticipate and act upon both the implicit and unmet needs of our guests, partners and colleagues.

    Never Settle

    Innovation is a process, never a destination. We know that there are things we can always do that are better.

    Details Matter

    As we grow, details become more important. We know that correctly pinned locations, beautiful photos and accurate accounting contribute to a better hospitality community.

    Don't Assume, Use Data

    Assumptions stop discovery and true knowledge from developing. We use data to prove our points, justify our decisions.

    Fail Fast

    Innovation is doing new things. New things often will result in mistakes. We're ok with that. Make mistakes, learn and keep moving forward.

  • We are hiring!

    Bukit Vista is a growth phase tech-hospitality company based on the sunny island of Bali. We're looking to expand in 2020. More properties, more guests, and more fun.


    We believe in championing new horizons for hospitality. We believe in hiring the best candidates to solve problems together, laugh together and make incredible experiences for our guests.


    Join our team of professional hosts and carry on a high-speed career in paradise.


    Read about what it's like to work here. Learn more about our company through our blog posts.


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    Click on the links above to learn more about the roles we're hiring for. Or write us a message and tell us why you'd be a good fit here.

  • Intern at Bukit Vista in 2020

    watch our 2019 interns from UGM FIB tell the story of their internship experience

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    We're always hiring and looking for incredible talent.

    Our employees rate us a 5 star company on Job Street.

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