We create delightful relationships with partners & community

At the forefront of Bali’s property management sector, we prioritize effective communication and fostering solid relationships with partners and communities. Our commitment to building a vibrant, cooperative, and mutually rewarding ecosystem underpins our dedication to achieving our collective objectives.


our partner community

Bukit Vista began as a love story between our two co-founders, Jing & Wayana, in Bali 2004. After starting Bukit Vista in 2013 with CTO Bayuthe team has always believed in the importance of an inspirational community of delighted partners with access to the best information and knowledge available in Bali. 

Investment Appetite

Each partner has a different investment appetite. Some owners will build a simple guesthouse, some will build a villa or multiple villas, some will build a hotel, and some will build multiple projects over the course of our relationship. Some designs will be ordinary, and some designs will be exceptional.

All partners rely on Bukit Vista for consistent performance and transparent relationships. When we succeed, you’ll renew your contract.



Each property owner will be unique, and we will adapt our service to their requirements. Most of our community comes from Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Australia, England, Russia, and the United States. We work with investors from China, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Portugal. Our community supports the long-term benefit of innovative leadership in the very competitive hospitality climate here in Bali.

Inspiring People, Delightful Community.

Our Community Programs

Our community engagement program offers business solutions and stands out by sharing benefits and supporting collective aspirations. It reflects our commitment to balancing commercial objectives with community well-being.

Round Table Talk

We love bringing our partners together over food, drinks, and delightful company. We host dinners in our office at the Round Table Talk every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. When you’re in town, we invite you to stop by to meet the Bukit Vista team. We also gather trustworthy local professionals in architecture, law, design, and engineering to share their wisdom.

Partner Community Event

Explore the spirit of collaboration at our Partner Community Events, where every gathering is a chance to strengthen bonds and share values. From the welcoming embrace of our Open Houses and the relaxed ambiance of our Bonfires to the festive celebration of our Halloween Parties, each event is designed to inspire and solidify our commitment to community and joy. Join us to connect, create, and experience the collective energy that defines our network.

BV Bali Update

Stay at the forefront of Bali’s dynamic property scene with BV Bali Update. From essential market trends to unique investment opportunities, our updates arm you with knowledge to thrive. Uncover the vibrant culture and evolving landscape of Bali’s market through our in-depth analyses and stories. Embrace the island’s potential and join a community where insight meets inspiration.

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Community Expert

Our partners are the backbone of your success. They expertly navigate property challenges, from legal issues to architectural design and pest control. They come fully equipped to address a comprehensive range of property concerns.


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Get the latest trends, expert investment insights, and exclusive industry interviews in one place—your essential guide for staying ahead.

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