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To lend a hand in your search, we’ve delved into some initial research and tapped into the wisdom of various professional experts in Bali. We kept it simple, asked them questions, and listened to their thoughtful responses.

Our goal is straightforward: to make finding just the correct services accessible.

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We believe in doing business old-fashioned – by proper word of mouth. Bukit Vista community experts are carefully selected to be reliable, transparent, and trustworthy. We invite them to dinner in our Round Table Talk, ask them to record a product/service review for our channel, the Bali Business Review, and closely monitor the satisfaction of the property investors and owners referred to their services. While no expert is perfect, we consider this a unique and thorough qualification system to determine community membership. We also accept no financial payments for referrals. We trade professional contacts and take the occasional dinner for successful referrals. We trade professional contacts and take the occasional dinner for successful referrals.

We outline these principles in our business planning. The principles are guest experience, ranking, staff quality, relationship with management, and your property attributes (design and location). The primary consideration is to prioritize guest experience. Wrong locations with excellent hospitality are successful. Good locations with bad hospitality have unrealized potential.

Each year, Bukit Vista collects millions of data points based on guest behaviors & operational experiences to form one of the most authoritative knowledge bases in Bali. We can learn quickly from experience to deliver the most efficient and effective systems, workflows, and practices. We’re flattered to see most other property management companies in Bali copy our methods, our website, and even our logo in an attempt to keep up with our leading position in the property management industry.

With AI coordination and flawless communication via our BV GO app, we can strategically place housekeepers to serve multiple properties, reducing an owner’s staffing costs. Based on service records, we can predict the failure points of AC and Wi-Fi and efficiently test for reliability before spending on expensive repairs.

The most important aspect of profitability is capturing the value of daily rentals, which fluctuate constantly due to changes in the market, rates in similar properties, and the condition of your calendar. Our expert revenue management team uses advanced AI tools to monitor thousands of opportunities daily to find the best pathway through the complex marketplace and earn you the fastest ROI.

Well, start with our community experts, and then let us know if you found a better provider during your research. The best service provider depends on the relationship you begin with each provider. Some relationships from the same provider will be more successful than others. If you find an excellent provider, please refer them to us, and we’ll include them as a community expert.

We are the only property management company in Bali that commits to the highest return on your property in the shortest time. To support that unique and powerful benefit, we’ve developed:

  • Inspirational Branding Helps raise awareness to the highest level possible via optimal ranking tuning. This is a never-ending process that helps navigate pitfalls like competition, natural disasters, and guest complaints. You also benefit fully when new opportunities arise, like new flight routes to Bali or a new traveler demographic boom.
  • Delightful Operations: Our teams use custom AI tech and custom-built guest management systems to reliably and efficiently coordinate the arrivals of thousands of guests daily. Our on-site property management teams anticipate failures early and proactively inspect and fix issues before guest check-ins to ensure a flawless hospitality experience.
  • Talent & Technology: Our mission to innovate and inspire delight means we own our technology team of engineers and data scientists, who we recruit from the best programs in Indonesia and worldwide. We can deliver our app, BV GO, which delights our owners with real-time updates on your property’s financial and operational situation. We’re creating dozens of new AI tools, including GAIAMERLIN, and ATLAS, to achieve that unique benefit of the fastest ROI in Bali.


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