Gaia: Unveiling Our Revolutionary AI Intern Shaping the Future of Hospitality

img Bayu bukitvista | August 17, 2023

Meet Gaia: Our Newest Team Member.

Gaia is our AI intern. An intern propels innovations at Bukit Vista. With an unbiased perspective, an intern can identify (and often solve) real problems that employees might overlook due to comfort or expertise, thereby driving positive changes. Gaia embodies the ideal intern for our company—reliable, quick learner, adept at multitasking, and possessing strong writing skills.

AI in Hospitality Industry

At Bukit Vista, we believe that hospitality revolves around authentic human experiences. Gaia is trained to enhance these experiences in three distinct ways:

1. Assistive

  • Handling repetitive tasks like scheduling, reminders, and data entry
  • Providing coordination assistance such as real-time updates on guest arrivals to drivers and villa staff
  • Offering fact-based information about a property

2. Predictive

  • Anticipating customer needs based on conversations and historical data, promoting proactive hospitality
  • Personalizing promotions and suggesting prices

3. Assertive

  • Evaluating and correcting employee behavior based on standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Enforcing company policies
Illustration of Gaia assisting guest


Interns perform best when empowered to take action. Actions are the power we grant Gaia, and she can learn an infinite number of them. Some basic actions include:
  • Assisting the hosting team in answering guests’ questions about property details
  • Checking property availability and suggesting alternative accommodations
  • Sending guest arrival coordination messages to staff
In the future, we can add actions to enhance our productivity, such as: further
  • Analyzing documents/data
  • Generating revenue projections
  • Creating images or presentation slides
  • Summarizing meetings


Gaia personalizes interactions based on the recipient. Each interaction is tailored to provide the most relevant responses and actions.
  • User Profiles: Tailored to individual needs, access, and conversation styles, allowing for interactions in natural language.
  • Guest Profiles: Shaped by past interactions, Airbnb profiles, and previous reviews.
  • Employee Profiles: Varied based on their Slack profiles and the channel descriptions where messages are sent.

How It Works

  1. A message or data is sent to Gaia.
  2. Gaia analyzes and provides suggestions for answers and actions.
  3. A supervisor approves or declines the suggestions.
  4. Gaia learns from past declined suggestions and improves accordingly.

How to Gain Access to Gaia

Currently, Gaia is in limited beta and is being gradually rolled out to select users. Eligible partners will benefit from Gaia’s implementation, which includes:
  • Faster guest response times
  • Enhanced inspection quality by supervisors
  • Real-time guest update coordination with onsite staff, 24/7

Join the Team

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Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the team that’s redefining hospitality for the modern world. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and human-centric technology. Submit your application today, mentioning the Gaia project as your reference.

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