Bali Property Market Outlook

Bali Property Market Outlook

Our latest article provides valuable insights and analysis on the latest trends and opportunities in the investment and Bali property market. Whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced property investor, we’re here to help and answer your inquiry about the Bali property market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The property prices in Bali continue to increase, especially in popular areas like Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud. These areas are highly sought after by tourists for their vacations in Bali. If you’re looking to invest in Bali, these areas would be a great choice, and it’s also possible that other nearby areas like Dalung and Tumbak Bayuh could be attractive options for property investment.

To ensure your Bali property investment is a success you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Is a design good? Go through IG and search for hashtags of #balivilla and find the most well like & engaging posts.

  2. Is the investment profitable? Take a look on Airbnb and see how many reviews have been left for similar properties & the average rental rate.

  3. Product Market Fit
    a.) Quality of design. Unique designs are rewarded more than commodity type looks. This is a function of search engines like Airbnb & rewarding more visually striking designs.

    b.) Desirability of location. Does the location offer experiential value? Desirable experiences are wide-ranging and could include tranquil villages, natural attractions, hip neighborhoods, coastal regions with ocean views.

    c.) Modularity of the space. Travelers come year round to Bali, which is great, but the group sizes & the trip purpose changes considerably. The best performing properties are flexible enough to allow for expansion to single bookings for large groups during family holidays, and privacy to multiple bookings for smaller groups for the rest of the year.

    d.) Agility of the space. Both short-term rentals & long-term rentals are growing. So you next rental might come from a short-holiday or a tenant looking to lease for a year. Make sure the space provides adequate amenities for short & long term plans. Workspaces, living spaces, kitchen are becoming essential amenities.

Want to know how your property will perform in the current property market?

We can help you with data approach methods for property appraisal, revenue projection, and ROI estimation. Contact us to see how much revenue you can make from investing property in Bali.

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