Host Damage Insurance by Airbnb: Ensuring Peace of Mind for Hosts

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In the bustling world of home-sharing, Airbnb has become a household name, connecting hosts with travelers worldwide. With this incredible opportunity, however, comes a need for security and protection. Airbnb recognized this need and introduced AirCover for Hosts, an extensive insurance package aimed at safeguarding hosts from potential damages caused by guests. One vital component of this protection plan is 
Host Damage Protection, providing hosts with $3 million in coverage in the rare event that their property or belongings are damaged during an Airbnb stay.

host damage protection Airbnb aircover to protect hosts from guests

What Does AirCover Damage Protection Cover?​

Host Damage Protection is designed to offer comprehensive coverage, providing hosts with financial support in various situations:

  • Damage to Property: This includes damage to your home, furnishings, valuables, or belongings caused by guests or their invitees.
  • Vehicle Damage: It covers damage to parked cars, boats, or other vehicles caused by guests or their invitees.
  • Cleaning Costs: AirCover also includes unexpected or extra cleaning costs incurred due to the behavior of a guest or their invitees during an Airbnb stay. This can include professional services such as carpet cleaning.
  • Lost Income: In case you need to cancel confirmed Airbnb bookings due to damage caused by a guest or their invitees, AirCover provides coverage for lost income

What Isn’t Covered by AirCover Damage Protection?​

While AirCover offers comprehensive protection, there are certain limitations to what it covers:

  • Normal Wear and Tear: Damage resulting from regular usage and wear and tear is not covered.
  • Acts of Nature: Losses due to acts of nature, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, fall outside the scope of AirCover.
  • Injury or Property Damage to Guests: Personal injury or property damage to guests or others is typically covered by Host Liability Insurance, not AirCover.
AirCover airbnb
AirCover airbnb

How to File for Host Damage Protection​

Filing for Host Damage Protection is a straightforward process, ensuring that hosts can receive the necessary support in times of need:

  1. Document the Issue: Begin by thoroughly documenting the damage. Take photos or videos, obtain repair or cleaning estimates, and keep receipts for all expenses incurred.
  2. Request Reimbursement: Within 14 days of the responsible guest’s checkout, initiate a reimbursement request from the guest through the AirCover for Hosts request in the Resolution Center via OTA profile.
  3. Guest Response: The guest will have 24 hours to respond to the request. If they fail to respond, partially pay, or decline payment, hosts can submit a reimbursement request under Host Damage Protection. In Washington state, the insurer will review the request.

Real-Life Success Story​

Figure 1. Real case study, we sent a reimbursement request via Airbnb Resolutions, and the guest declined it.
Figure 2. Real case study, a conversation with an Airbnb Support representative after the guest declined our request via Airbnb Resolutions.

Consider the case of one host whose villa suffered significant damage to sofa covers, amounting to 9 million IDR. Through the AirCover for Hosts program, they were able to successfully retrieve around 5.5 million IDR, easing the financial burden caused by the guest’s actions.

Does Airbnb Cover Guest Too?

The answer is yes. AirCover for guests is Airbnb’s commitment to ensuring that every part of your stay goes as smoothly as possible. This industry-leading protection is included free with every booking, ensuring that guests are covered in the rare event that something doesn’t go as planned. Here are some of the key features that make AirCover a unique advantage for guests:

  1. Booking Protection Guarantee: You can book with confidence knowing that if your host cancels within 30 days of check-in, Airbnb will help you find a similar or better home, or they will refund you.

  2. Check-In Guarantee: When you can’t check into your Airbnb and the host cannot resolve the issue, Airbnb will help you find a similar or better home for the duration of your original booking, or they will refund you.

  3. Get What-You-Booked Guarantee: The listing descriptions on Airbnb are expected to be accurate. However, if you arrive at a place that’s not as advertised—say, the number of bedrooms or amenities doesn’t match the listing—AirCover steps in. If the host can’t fix the issue, Airbnb will help you find a similar or better home, or they will refund you.
  4. 24-Hours Safety Line: These protections are part of Airbnb’s pledge to ensure that your travel experiences remain secure and enjoyable. With AirCover, you can rest easy knowing that Airbnb has your back, making it more than just a place to book accommodations—it’s a full-fledged travel partner you can rely on. 
host damage protection

AirCover airbnb for guests

Important Considerations​

It’s crucial for hosts to note that AirCover may not cover the entire damage value; reimbursement depends on the quality of proof provided. Additionally, the timing of the report plays a significant role. Filing within the given deadline is essential. The processing time for reimbursement requests may vary, but Airbnb Support ensures a prompt and thorough review.

In the intricate world of hospitality, having a safety net is essential. Airbnb’s AirCover for Hosts, especially its Host Damage Protection, provides hosts with the peace of mind they need to open their homes to travelers from around the world, knowing that they are protected against unexpected events. So, hosts can continue to welcome guests with open arms, embracing the spirit of hospitality, and sharing their spaces with the world.

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