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Benefits of Property Investment​

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Continuous value growth
20 years of consistent land and property value appreciation with a 5–7% yearly surge in land prices across Bali's major areas.
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Profitable yet Affordable
Low construction and operating costs, with investments beginning at USD 25.000, and average annual returns of 25% Annually
A second home
When the villa is not rented, relax in your tropical retreat whenever you like.
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Tourist epicenter
Large expat communities and popular domestic tourist attractions guarantee that rental properties are consistently fully rented throughout the year.
Safe & transparent regulation
Simple incorporation procedures for investors, transparent and easy-to-understand property leasing regulations
Simple to maintain
With the correct property management firm, relax and take advantage of your passive income while we handle everything from rental management and marketing.

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Achieve 1 million traffic

By inspecting & developing strategic company brand awareness in the past three years.

Ensured property revenue growth

Develop an effective and efficient dynamic pricing strategy to enhance revenue generation for properties.

Long term
property analysis

Develop qualitative & quantitative data dashboard for hundreds of properties in a 2-year span

Forecast 100+ property revenue projections

Based on market growth and demand through quantitative & qualitative means.

Calculate how much your property could earn revenue​​​

Let our team of experts find out how much you could earn from your property today!

Our full range of property management solutions

To transform your villa into a revenue-making machine

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Strategic Price Analysis
We use data-driven market intelligence to set competitive prices and maximize occupancy rates.
Guest Relations
With over 90% guest satisfaction, our dedicated team delivers first-class hospitality services that positively transform the guest experience.
Real-Time Reporting
Monitor your property performance through our self-developed owner dashboard and mobile app, created exclusively for you.
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Community and Onsite Staff Training
Keep your guests assured. We bring in the experts to train your staff and ensure that only the best hospitality standards are met.
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Sales and Marketing Optimization
From photography to curating engaging social media content and marketing to OTAs, we do everything to advertise your property listing.
Housekeeping and Maintenance service
Keep your property spick and span with our meticulous housekeepers and handymen.

Find out where we manage our properties

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Our Properties & Partners Relationship

We have had an excellent partnership over the last three years and have seen our business grow very week as a result. We have an excellent relationship with the staff, and they are very professional, responsive and helpful at any time. Nothing is too much trouble for them...We would recommend their services to anyone starting out with a homestay business
by Chris Thompson
Owner, D'House of Gembala
I'm satisfied with Bukit Vista property management because always give good service. The communication with air support & onsite staff is so smooth, makes all reservations well handled.
by Bli Nyoman​
Owner, Breeze Hidden Guesthouse
Watch his testimonial here https://www.facebook.com/BukitVista/posts/3982708631802506
by Yudi
Owner, Despacito Loft & Lounge
Partner 4
by Partner 4
Partner 4, Partner 4

Trusted by our Partners in Bali & Jogja

Bali Villa Management Partner - Green Village
Bali Villa Management Partner - Habitat
Bali Villa Management Partner - la joya resort
Bali Villa Management Partner - The asmara
Bali Villa Management Partner - Bambulogy
Bali Villa Management Partner - The angkal

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? We’ve got you covered!

Bukit Vista use business intelligence with a Data-driven approach to improve performance including: 
* Technology innovation: BV Go apps
* Payment transparency for owners 
* Comprehensive bookings information 
* Guest feedbacks
* Revenue projection 

As well as having  a good relationship with our Community Experts.

  • Experience – Bukit Vista has been operating in the field of property management for more than 10 years. We consistently improve our performance to give guests and villa owners the highest possible standard of service.
  • Transparency – You will have exclusive access to our personalized BV Go mobile app which allows you to quickly and easily track your bookings and financial details.
  • Zero fixed management fees – We work on a commission model which means our success is directly tied to driving revenue for you. 

We will market your property on all social media and the biggest vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com.

Bukit Vista is also known to be the largest Airbnb host community in Indonesia. With more 30,000+ reviews generated from our OTAs, we believe your properties will automatically get higher exposure and reach more prospective guests.

Not only that, we also regularly monitor the market to provide you with the most competitive price to sell your villa. 

  • We charge zero monthly management fee to property owners.
  • We only take commission based on the total bookings. See our website (written above) for more details.

Our Business Intelligent team is processing multiple data from the market like location, average price, occupancy rate, seasonality, facilities, amenities and another factors to determine the most relevant to your property. 

  • Payment will be processed online when guest make a booking by OTA (Booking.com, Airbnb, Traveloka, etc). Each OTA have different ways of sending payment.
  • Airbnb will send the payment to owner and Bukit Vista separately according to commission. 
  • Booking.com will send payment for all booking at once every 15th on the next month.

There is a minimum contract length of 1 year.

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