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Empower Your Property with Our Exceptional and Trustworthy Team

Bukit Vista will take great care of Your Property with our base package. Whether you host guests or use your property as a private residence, we’ll look after it as if it were our home in your absence.

We will recruit and source the right-size team for your property’s needs. Our team will ensure your property is ready to receive you and your guests anytime. 

Our unique management skill is to keep the size of the team balanced with your long-term investment objectives. Too large or too vertical teams result in faulty coordination and large payrolls.

Crafting Exceptional Environments & Experiences

Seamless Coordination & Communication

Bukit Vista enhances your Bali vacation with our cutting-edge Guest Management System, BIGRR and our advanced AI, GAIA. We ensure every guest enjoys personalized, efficient service. From custom check-in instructions to swift fulfillment of special requests, our system adapts in real-time to provide tailored assistance. Our experienced case managers are on standby to prevent issue and guarantee smooth operations for a memorable stay. Expect nothing less than exceptional service, leading to quicker brand growth and outstanding guest satisfaction.

Excellence is our Standard

At Bukit Vista, we ensure excellence through proactive quality checks on essentials like air conditioning and WiFi. Our data-driven inspections identify and resolve issues early, enhancing guest satisfaction while optimizing costs. Our team’s swift action guarantees an exceptional, worry-free, high-quality, and cost-efficient stay.

Distinctive Hospitality

To create an excellent and memorable hospitality experience for our guests, we transform the properties we manage. This transformation includes room layout, room theme, and other aspects.

Cherished Experiences

During guests’ stay at our properties, we prioritize clear communication and ensure delightful experiences for our guests. Treating them with the utmost privacy, we strive to create memorable moments you would eagerly recommend to close friends.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Worry not because we’ve got you covered!

Bukit Vista started in 2011 – by hosting our first two guests in Villa Casa Mia on what is now Jalan Bukit Vista. Since then, we’ve operated in hotels, resorts, guesthouses, villas, and apartments in over five countries. We’ve chosen to focus on Bali since it’s the fastest growing and best place in the world for vacation rentals. On this page, you can monitor our track record and performance of our overall ratings, which we use primarily on Airbnb.


Our Inspirational Branding page details our comprehensive marketing strategy. We prioritize Airbnb as the leading channel and concentrate on building a solid brand on this platform by focusing on critical metrics to secure a high ranking. After establishing the brand and its ranking, we work to maintain this position and aim to sell your property to the highest bidders.

Explore our exceptional hospitality packages: Delightful Property, Inspired Branding, and Inspired Investment. Dive deeper into each package’s offerings by visiting our dedicated pageDiscover detailed explanations to guide you in choosing the perfect option for your needs.

To guarantee transparency and consistent communication with our property owners, we offer several comprehensive measures:

  • BV-GO App: Stay updated on every detail regarding guests and payments through our intuitive app.
  • Round Table Talk: If you’re in Bali, we invite you to join other property owners for dinner at our Jimbaran base every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM. It’s an excellent opportunity to share experiences and insights.
  • WhatsApp Communication: For real-time updates and queries:
    • Connect with our community managers for social events and networking opportunities.
    • Reach out to our operations manager for operational details and support.
    • Contact our revenue manager for financial insights and information.

Our agility sets us apart from other hospitality management companies and traditional hotels, positioning your property as a unique and memorable choice for guests in Bali. We focus on guest feedback, reviewing hundreds of comments weekly to identify strategic improvements. Whether enhancing amenities, streamlining check-ins, or providing timely, valuable knowledge, our proactive approach leads to tangible enhancements reflected in guest reviews. Below are some recent testimonials from our guests.

Delightful Operation

We understand that many of our clients are busy individuals who value their privacy. However, many of them have graciously provided testimonials, while many others prefer to consider Bukit Vista their personal secret and strategic advantage. For a glimpse into our client experiences, check out a feature on YouTube by Rory, an Aussie property owner in Bingin (watch here). For direct references, we invite you to visit our office on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM, where you can personally meet our vibrant community in a Round Table Talk session.

At Bukit Vista, we view maximizing occupancy rates and maintaining property conditions as interconnected goals rather than separate challenges. Our target is to achieve an occupancy rate of 80% or higher, which strategically positions us to always allocate funds for scheduled maintenance effectively. We advise new property owners to secure warranties on build quality from developers or contractors upon delivery. This approach helps to manage the first-year maintenance costs effectively. Moreover, Airbnb’s Host Protection Program reinforces property protection against explicit guest damage by offering coverage up to $3,000,000 for damages.

Discover more about the protections offered through Aircover here.

At Bukit Vista, we emphasize that legal and regulatory compliance falls under the direct responsibility of each property owner. As your management company, we strongly advise seeking guidance on Indonesian law through trusted advisors. Here is a list of legal counsels who have provided satisfactory services to our clients.

Ensuring the quality of tenants is a priority, yet direct screening of clients on open platforms is not feasible due to the potential risk of discrimination claims. The platform manages this critical task at a broader level to maintain fairness and inclusivity. Our focus remains on providing exceptional service to all guests, relying on the platform’s comprehensive screening processes to uphold the quality of tenants.


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