Bukit Vista’s 2023 Milestones: A Testament to Excellence in Bali Property Management

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Hi! My name is Reyhan, representing Bukit Vista. The year 2023 has been both challenging and exciting. Whatever your personal experience was in 2023, we hope it brought positivity into your life, as it did for Bukit Vista. Bukit Vista go through 2023 by making brilliant records, which will accompany Bukit Vista’s long journey from the past, towards the future. Without the involvement and cooperation of all stakeholders, Bukit Vista could not be where it is today.

Bukit Vista in 2023

Bukit Vista

In the dynamic landscape of Bali property management, Bukit Vista has not just adapted but thrived, setting new benchmarks in 2023. This article unfolds the tapestry of Bukit Vista’s achievements this year, underpinning a commitment to excellence and innovation. We are also happy to announce that we also posted our 2023 achievement on our website.

You can find 2023 achievement infographic in our website

Section 1: Airbnb Performance Metrics

Unparalleled Guest Satisfaction

In 2023, Bukit Vista elevated the vacation experience, attaining a remarkable 74.4% rate of 5-star ratings on Airbnb. This metric speaks volumes about the dedication to guest satisfaction and service quality. We also received 7,871 reviews throughout the year.

A Leap in Overall Ratings

The company witnessed a notable enhancement in its overall rating, reaching 4.62, a 3.5% improvement from the previous year. This increment mirrors Bukit Vista’s relentless pursuit of perfection in every guest interaction.

Occupancy Rate Success

Standing out in the competitive Bali market, Bukit Vista achieved a 77.1% average occupancy rate. This figure is 43.4% higher than similar listings in the area and marks a 26.3% improvement compared to 2022, showcasing the brand’s growing appeal and market leadership.

Page View Pinnacle

Our Airbnb listings saw 2,652,677 more than similar listings, showcasing the impressive online performance of our Airbnb.

Wishlist Wonders

With an average of 71,577 more wishlist additions than in 2022 and 103,772 more than similar listings

Section 2: Revenue Growth and Guest Engagement

Booking Growth

The year 2023 was monumental for Bukit Vista, witnessing a 62.31% growth in bookings, amounting to 28,368. This surge reflects the growing trust and preference among travelers for Bukit Vista’s properties. Hosting 59,532 guests throughout the year.

5-Star Reviews

The increase in 5-star reviews by 59.84%, totaling 5,257, is a testament to the exceptional guest experiences curated by the company.

Revenue Increase

A significant highlight of 2023 is the 85.82% growth in revenue, amounting to US$4,552,000 This financial upswing is a clear indicator of Bukit Vista’s successful strategies and robust market presence.

Nights Sold and Check-Ins

A record of 96,268 nights sold and 26,242 check-ins, indicating strong guest engagement.

Expanding Property Portfolio

A significant highlight of 2023 includes expanding the portfolio to 105 active properties, with 61 new properties successfully onboarded, demonstrating Bukit Vista’s growing presence and capacity in the Bali property market.

Section 3: Digital Footprint and Online Presence

Enhanced Website Traffic

Bukit Vista’s digital footprint expanded remarkably, with 109,570 users visiting bukitvista.com, a 48.61% increase. This growth signifies effective digital marketing and a compelling online presence.

Organic Search Triumph

A noteworthy 106.78% increase in users coming from organic search, totaling 70,304, underscores the SEO prowess and content strategy effectiveness.

Page Views

The website witnessed a 32.52% increase in page views, totaling 368,894. This metric reflects the engaging and valuable content hosted on Bukit Vista’s digital platforms.

Section 4: Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

Talent Influx

The year saw a substantial number of applicants, with 2,774 hopefuls. From these, 273 participated in trials, culminating in the hiring of 29 top-tier professionals. This process highlights Bukit Vista’s commitment to nurturing talent and maintaining a high standard of service.

Inspirational Leadership

The All Hands meeting with 43 inspirational speakers fostered a culture of inspiration and motivation within the company.

Section 5: Engineering Innovations and Efficiency

Technological Advancements

2023 marked the release of the Guest AI Assistant (GAIA) and Atlas (Machine Learning Pricing Recommender), pioneering tools in property management. These innovations are set to redefine the guest experience and operational efficiency.

Efficiency Gains

GAIA alone saved 75,750 minutes of work time, a testament to Bukit Vista’s investment in technology to enhance productivity.

Software Development

The engineering team released 836 features and wrote 747,121 lines of code, underscoring a year of intense innovation and development.

Section 6: Public Relations

Community Building

Through 6 BV E-Talks events in 2023, Bukit Vista engaged over 1,600 students, partnered with 40+ entities, and collaborated with 30+ organizations, showcasing its community-centric approach.


Bukit Vista’s journey through 2023 is a narrative of relentless pursuit of excellence. Each milestone achieved this year reflects the company’s dedication to enhancing guest experiences, optimizing operational efficiency, and leading the property management industry in Bali. Hopefully, this will be good preparation to navigate 2024 even better!

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