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The Bukit Vista inspirational speaker series is by invitation-only and supports the mission of Bukit Vista to inspire delight through
 positive transformation of our guests, partners and employees. 

Our Previous Inspiring Speakers

We invite innovators worldwide to speak about their careers & achievements at our online company-wide all-hands meeting every Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM in Bali. We’re inspired by authentic stories on the pathway to success and are delighted to share your life’s work with the
broadest audience possible.

Why Be Our Next Speaker?

Be featured on our digital channels

With thousands of daily visitors, we can refer you through our website and social media for your personal branding. 

Discount vouchers to stay at one of our properties

From villas, guesthouses, apartments, and luxury resorts, we have 100+ properties for you to choose from in Bali & Yogyakarta

Share your wisdom and knowledge

They say sharing is caring. Let’s learn together and inspire one another to positively transform. 

Learn More About Our Inspiring Speakers

Disrupting The Agriculture Sector Through Tech: Gibran’s Inspiring Journey of Building eFishery

Gibran Huzaifah, CEO of eFishery In the last all-hands online meeting, Bukit Vista is...
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Amanda Dianova, Marketing Communications Manager

Navigating the World of Hospitality Marketing: Insights from Amanda Dianova

Hello, I’m Chinta, a Business Analyst at Bukit Vista. In today’s article, we delve into the...
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Ginto Hutagalung: Talent & Culture Manager

Nurturing Talent Culture: Insights from Ginto Hutagalung, Director of Talent and Culture at Movenpick Hotel Jakarta

Hello, I'm Chinta, a Business Analyst at Bukit Vista. In today's article, we delve into the heart...
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kresna architect

The Art of Balance: Kresna’s Journey in Architecture

In a recent Bukit Vista All Hands online meeting, we hosted a truly inspiring speaker, Kresna—an...
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bali beans cover

From Bali to Dubai: Ayu’s Inspiring Journey with Bali Beans Coffee

In a recent Bukit Vista All Hands online meeting where we invited inspirational speakers, we...
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Helmi: A Journey of Belief and Adaptation

In a recent weekly company meeting, Mr. Helmi, a hotel manager and architect, took center stage to...
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Laxmi Harikumar: A Trailblazer in AI – Inspiring Stories from the Bukit Vista All Hands Online Meeting

In the world of technology and artificial intelligence, there are few individuals who stand...
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Inspiring Stories of Innovation and Creativity in Bali's Hospitality Industry

Inspiring Stories of Innovation and Creativity in Bali’s Hospitality Industry

Hello, I’m Chinta, a Business Analyst at Bukit Vista. In today’s article, we delve into the...
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Made Sukman General manager of GunGGunG Adventure

Empowering without Changing: Inspiration from Mr. Made Sukman from GunGGunG Adventure

Introduction Mr. Made Sukman is the general manager of GunGGunG Adventure who has decades of...
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Kurniawan Hakim Mastering the Art of Data Analytics

Mastering the Art of Data Analytics: An Inspiring Journey with Kurniawan Hakim

All Hands BV 5.0 - August 1st, 2023 Greetings, everyone! I'm Jey from Bukit Vista's HR-PR team, and...
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bobobox -indra

Innovating the Hospitality Landscape: Inspiration from Mr. Indra Gunawan, CEO of Bobobox Indonesia

Hi, there! It's Hafidz here. I am part of Bukit Vista's Digital Marketing team and on this...
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Be Our Next Inspirational Speaker

Are you interested in sharing your inspirational journey with us? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’re here to answer your questions.

The discussion topics will generally discuss these things:

  • Your  inspiring career journey
  • Insights during your working experience 
  • Any inspirational or insightful story you like to share 

Yes. If you feel that our discussion topics are not in accordance with the services you offer, please give us a recommendation for topics that we can discuss

We will use English for the session

We will have the inspirational speaker talk every Tuesday at 10:00 WITA. It will be held online.  

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