Insights and Inspirations from Pak Made Arnata, The Owner of NoHama

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Hello! My name is Dea Novita, a PR intern at Bukit Vista, and I am excited to share the enriching experience from the All Hands BV 6.0 event held on Tuesday, 16th January 2024. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and deep insights into the world of property management and pest control, highlighted by the wisdom of our guest speaker, Pak Made Arnata, the esteemed owner of NoHama Company.
Pak Made Arnata's Profile

Understanding NoHama and Its Business Philosophy

NoHama, as I discovered from their website and further discussed during the event, symbolizes a commitment to health and environmental stewardship, focusing on fruit-based pest control solutions. The company, founded in 2019 amidst the pandemic, saw its formal launch in 2021, driven by the heightened concern for health and hygiene during COVID-19. NoHama’s mission is rooted in delivering the highest quality of service and improving the quality of life and health in the community.
NoHama's Profile (Source: Nohama Website)

Pak Made Arnata’s Career Journey

Pak Made Arnata, before founding NoHama, embarked on a career that spanned continents and industries. Starting in 2003 as a housekeeping staff on cruise ships, Carnival, he mastered the art of impeccable service, time management, and attention to detail—skills that profoundly influenced his entrepreneurial journey. His transition from the hospitality industry to founding NoHama was inspired by the realization of the critical need for superior health and pest control solutions.
Pak Made Explains His Career Journey
Carnival Ship (Source:

Effective Pest Control Methods

Drawing from his vast experience, Pak Made highlighted the crucial role of cleanliness and preventive measures in pest control. A methodical approach to property maintenance, such as regular cleaning schedules, mattress rotation, and meticulous attention to potential pest harborage areas, is essential. This preventive strategy not only addresses immediate pest concerns but also creates an environment less conducive to future infestations.
Pest Control in NaHoma

Valuable Lessons from Pak Made Arnata

Pak Made shared invaluable lessons on service excellence, emphasizing the importance of greeting guests warmly, recognizing their names, and creating a welcoming environment that feels like home. These principles of hospitality, deeply ingrained during his tenure on cruise ships, are pivotal to NoHama’s customer service ethos. His approach underscores the significance of personalization and attention to detail in creating memorable customer experiences.
Pak Made Explains the Valuable Lesson from His Journey
In line with the wisdom imparted by Pak Made, Bukit Vista has not only recognized but also proactively implemented these initiatives, embedding them deeply into our service culture. Our team members, inspired by his emphasis on our exceptional guest service, go above and beyond to make guests feel at home. From the moment a guest steps into one of our properties, they’re greeted with personalized attention that’s tailored to their preferences and needs. This isn’t just about recognizing a face or a name; it’s about understanding what makes each guest’s stay special and what we can do to exceed their expectations.
We’ve built a culture of proactive problem-solving and empowerment, where our team doesn’t just respond to requests but anticipates the needs of our guests, often before they even realize them themselves. This proactive approach, combined with our dedication to creating memorable experiences, ensures that every stay with Bukit Vista is more than just a visit; it becomes a cherished memory. Our commitment to service excellence, reflects in the smiles and satisfaction of our guests, making Bukit Vista not just a place to stay, but a place to return to, time and time again.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The insights shared by Pak Made Arnata during All Hands BV 6.0 serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of service excellence, attention to detail, and the proactive management of health and environmental challenges. As we continue to navigate the complexities of property management and pest control, let’s carry forward the lessons learned from Pak Made and strive to implement best practices in our operations and services.
At Bukit Vista, we’re committed to innovation, excellence, and the continuous improvement of our services. We invite you to explore our property management solutions and join us in creating exceptional experiences for our guests and communities. Together, let’s set new standards in hospitality and environmental stewardship.
Thank you, Pak Made Arnata, for your invaluable contributions, and to all participants for making All Hands BV 6.0 a memorable and insightful event. Let’s continue to learn, grow, and inspire each other in our journey towards excellence.
Thankful Message from Bukit Vista to Pak Made

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