Journey of Connection: Unveiling Unexpected Bonds at Bukit Vista

img Amanda Bukitvista | December 5, 2023


Hello there! I’m Amanda, currently serving as an Operations Professional intern at Bukit Vista. In my role, I have the privilege of interacting with guests from various corners of the globe, offering a personalised touch to their experiences. Embark on a heartwarming journey as I, Amanda, share the tale of an unexpected friendship that blossomed from a last-minute booking at Bukit Vista’s property. Join me as I recount the delightful twists and turns that transformed a routine check-in process into a cherished connection with my guest, Rose.

Welcome to the Property, My Beloved Guest!

It all started when Rose made a last-minute booking at our property. The room wasn’t ready, and, faced with the prospect of waiting, Rose contemplated dropping off her bags and exploring. Seizing the opportunity, I struck up a conversation that extended far beyond the usual check-in formalities. Little did I know, this encounter would be the beginning of a meaningful friendship.

Exchanging Insights

As Rose and I engaged in conversation, it became clear that our connection was more than just host and guest. We delved into life’s intricacies, discovering shared interests and passions. My dreams in the hospitality world resonated with Rose, a seasoned chef with a wealth of experience. In a surprising turn of events, Rose not only offered valuable life advice but also introduced me to a book that would become the foundation of our growing friendship – “Unreasonable Hospitality.” Eager to explore this shared interest, I promptly acquired the e-book, solidifying our bond.

Talk Over a Nice Meal

Our story didn’t end with words exchanged at the property. Determined to extend the camaraderie, I invited Rose to experience one of my favourite local eateries, Warung Jawa. On November 24th, we met for lunch, transforming a casual encounter into a shared experience. Over delightful food and lively conversation, Rose and I strengthened our newfound friendship. Following Rose’s departure, she graciously left a glowing review expressing her utmost satisfaction with her experience at the property. Her kind words served as a testament to the dedication and effort we invest in ensuring our guests have a memorable journey during their stay.


In the spirit of Indonesian warmth and hospitality, Rose marvelled at the ease of making friends in the country. I responded with a heartfelt, “And now you’ve got one more!” At Bukit Vista, creating connections that go beyond the ordinary is not just a mission; it’s a way of life. The story of Rose and me exemplifies the genuine connections that can blossom when hospitality becomes a personal endeavour.

If you’re longing for meaningful connections and adventures with new friends, consider joining Bukit Vista. Our mission is to inspire delight in all our guests, making them feel not just like visitors but like cherished members of our ever-growing community. Come, be a part of the adventurous journey that awaits at Bukit Vista – where every guest becomes a friend!

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