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A business plan for property owners that wants hassle-free property  management service from Bukit Vista.
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An appraisal service for determining the value of a piece of land or property, calculated based on rental income.
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Investment Strategy

A strategy for clients who own a piece of land and are seeking guidance on what to build and design for the area.
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Jing Cho Yang

CEO & Co-Founder of Bukit Vista


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Receive Expert Advice on Property Investment

With a track record of 15+ years in the hospitality and property management industry.  Our CEO, Jinghas firsthand experience working in vacation rentals, real estate agencies, AMAN resorts, and Airbnb, Jing has a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

We have provided advice on numerous real estate investment strategies and property valuations for various investors and developers from around the world.

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Confident in our work, we offer a money-back guarantee. Find evidence against our analysis, get a refund, plus USD $100, showing our commitment to excellence.


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Data-Driven Management

We rely on Data Science to Accurately Assess your Assets' Value

By utilizing a machine learning model and comparing  to nearby properties, our team of data scientists will analyze the distinct characteristics of your property or land and provide a concise valuation and return on investment (ROI) projection.

How Can We See Opportunities of a Potential Area?

Our team of data scientists collects and analyzes thousands of rental property data points from OTAs (e.g., Airbnb) to determine the popularity of a location relative to all other potential properties in the area that a guest or homeowner might consider.

This includes review ratings, counts, prices, occupancy, and potential ranking.
 We then plot this data on a heat map to identify specific grade areas based on our analysis.

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Our Past Property Valuations Service

cocona resort

Cocana – Lagoon Suite
Gili Trawangan 

bali-villa allegra

Villa Allegra

orbit townhouse

Orbit Townhouse

Villa Magnum Residence Umalas Villas

Villa Magnum Residence Umalas Villas 

Apartment Magnum Residence Sanur

Apartment Magnum Residence Sanur

Villa Sky Stars Ungasan 1

Villa Sky Stars Ungasan

Apartment The Umalas Signature

Apartment The Umalas Signature

Apartment Magnum Residence Seminyak

Batubelig Boutique Villas in Tibubeneng

What is the Property Appraisal Timeline & Procedure?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Free appraisals often have underlying promotional motives and lack the thoroughness and expertise required for sound property valuation.

Bukit Vista, on the other hand, tailors its reports to suit individual property needs and employs a team of experienced data science experts to ensure accurate and reliable appraisals. We offer not only property valuations but also valuable market insights and guarantees the credibility of their analysis to make informed decision-making in the real estate realm.

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Our team of data scientists and revenue specialists can project your property revenues and ROI through predictive modeling, considering your property’s occupancy rate, competitor’s performance, and investment and operational costs.

Our Business intelligence team also processes multiple data from the market like location, average price, occupancy rate, seasonality, facilities, amenities, and other factors to determine the current market and compare it to your property. 

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We can conduct land and property appraisals in Bali, Gili Trawangan, and Labuan Bajo.

Bali is a popular destination for travelers and investors alike. As such, it is no surprise that many people are interested in investing in property in Bali.
Many regions, such as Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, and Uluwatu, are suited for property investment.

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Based on our years of experience, success depends on :

  1. Guest Experience Management: the management company’s quality, reliability, and availability to deliver consistent 5-star guest experiences.
  2. Property Attributes: We give owner our professional evaluation of their property in terms of design, location, and product-user fit.
  3. Ranking: In a competitive landscape, ranking should be the single focus of the management company & owner. When good reviews are written, ranking rises. When guests book our property, our ranking rises. Ranking is the keystone to occupancy and higher daily rates, which translates into greater profits for the owner.
  4. Owner Relationship: A great owner relationship makes it possible to attain, preserve, or improve ranking and guest experience.

Under government rules for building permits, documents must be completed before your building. Izin Persetujuan Bangunan Gedung (PBG) and Sertifikat Laik Fungsi (SLF) are those documents. The local government issues these building permits and certificates to ensure that a building is constructed according to the approved plans and is safe for occupancy.

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What is AUM?

Assets under management (AUM) are assets that an advisor can physically executive trades on because those assets are on the advisors platform. In other words, directly “managed” or handled by the advisor. It can either be discretionary or non-discretionary.(1)

What is AUA?

Assets Under Advisement (AUA) represents the total value of assets that a financial advisor gives advice or consultation on, but does not have the ability to make decisions and execute trades for these assets.(1)

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