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Stay with Bukit Vista and Enjoy huge discount villas rentals & guesthouse in Bali for long term stay

Looking for a long term villa or monthly villa rental in Bali?

We can provide you with a bunch of high quality preferences. whether you are a remote worker, a group of students, a family or group of friends looking to extend your holiday in Bali – we’ve got you covered.

Match your needs with your budget. 

Top Trending Properties

Live the long extravagant living in Bali. We are here to fulfill your desires for the great comfort of staying in Bali for a long term rentals. Beach or oceanside? Resort or villa? The choice is yours.

Perfectly Matched for Long Stay

  • Meticulously designed for long-term stay, a great location away from the traffic, and pool to go along with everything; this place screams “serenity”.

Remote Working Friendly

We provide 50mbps – 100mbps WIFI to support your productivity. Go work and go fresh, because your the pool is in front of your room.

Rent and manage your villa rentals long term

We manage luxury villas, guesthouses, resorts, apartments, and vacation homes with our data-driven & innovative approach to boost your revenue.

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Frequently Asked Quetions (FAQ)

We’re here to answer your questions!

You can directly book a stay at one of our properties through this website:
      1. Go to the booking page.
      2. Choose your favorite property!
      3. Tell us your choice by sending us a message via WhatsApp and we will confirm your order as soon as possible.
      4. You can also take a peek at our Instagram @bukitvista and DM us for more information!
We have tons of choices for you!
From modern guesthouses, villas with private pools, to luxurious cabins. We always try our best to provide a property that suits your needs.
You are free to choose to rent on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis! As long as our properties are still available, we are more than happy to let you stay for as long as you want!
It’s a good opportunity for those of you who are students coming from Asia Exchange. When studying at Bali, Bukit Vista will fully support your studies and journey for the longer run!

Yes! We understand your concerns in trying to make yourself comfortable in order to be productive. All of our villas and guesthouses (mostly in Canggu) are equipped with good WiFi speed, working desks, and an overall chilling atmosphere to boost your energy and productivity! In fact, most of our guests are also working remotely from our properties! 

Of course! we are ready to help you book any extraordinary property to stay, which of course with an affordable budget too.
Together with our partner, Asia Exchange, we will guide you completely from answering your questions during your pre-stay, confirming your booking and facilitating you throughout your stay (cleaning, transport rental, tips and more!).
Are you a student who wants to study in Bali? Register immediately via WhatsApp for further services and we guarantee that you will get the maximum service and experience during your stay at the Bukit Vista property!

If you are interested, we will send you the contract, payment agreement, and house rules for you to read in advance via email. Then, just pay and enjoy your youth at our property in Bali!

If you have problems coming and staying at our property, contact us immediately to cancel your booking. However, the rental payment that has already been paid is non-refundable.

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