Stay at Villa in Bali with Bukit Vista

Welcome to your home in paradise

Why chooose to stay in a Villa?

Get fabulous Bali villas for comfort and luxury. Between $89-$250 USD a night for most properties. Beachfront and cliff-front villas starting at $500 USD a night. Best prices are always listed on Airbnb, our most dynamic hospitality marketplace & traveler community.

Privacy & Comfort

Your own holiday, your own way

Privacy is the ultimate luxury. The freedom to do what you want, when you want. Have breakfast when you’d like. Be natural with your family and friends. Get the true feel of what it’s like to live in paradise in your very own home & property.


Cook, Chill, or Contemplate

The entire property is yours to enjoy. If you enjoy cooking, the kitchen is yours, and sometimes we can even provide a chef. If having an entire pool to yourself is your idea of a holiday, then a villa is a good fit. Knowing that you can live in real local neighborhoods, close to the beach, free of traffic and mass tourism is a relief. Stepping foot into your holiday home is a dreamy way to vacation.

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