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To transform your villa into a revenue-making machine

Bukit Vista team doing revenue projection for managed properties

Data Driven Management

We use data-driven market intelligence to optimize the current market opportunity. Our deep market price analysis and diligent real-time monitoring allow us to set competitive prices, maximize occupancy rates, and increase revenue to grow your investment.
Bukit Vista employee doing sales and marketing optimization

Sales And Marketing Optimization

No product or service is going to sell itself. Here at Bukit Vista, we realized this on, which is why we made marketing a core of our business proposition. Some of our services include:
  • Photography and videography using professional equipment for your property
  • Crafting of creative contents, e.g. infographics
  • Advertising your property on our website and social media channels
  • Outreach solutions on social medias and online travel agents
  • Cross-selling by our hosting and reservation team to maximize occupancy rates
Sounds hectic? No worries, here’s the only takeaway you need – we will spare no effort in marketing your property.
picture of foreiner consult for buying a property in bali

Personalized Property Management​

We look at your situation with you and your property in mind and develop unique solutions tailored to your needs. Whatever you need, Bukit Vista will try to find the right solution just for you.

Guest Relations

Our friendly and dedicated guest support team provides end-to-end hosting services – from creating your listing, to checking in your guests, to managing your guest reviews and property’s reputation. With a wealth of experience in hosting over 50,000 guests and exceeding 90% guest satisfaction, you can be rest assured that our passionate team delivers only world-class guest services that ensure an outstanding guest experience for each and every guest.
bali billa management - onsite staff training

Community And Onsite Staff Training

It’s no secret that having a well-trained staff is critical to any hospitality’s business success and the guests they serve. That’s why we bring in the experts to train your staff on various fields and personally conduct onsite staff trainings for them. From warm greeting practices to the stringent hygiene standard operating procedures (SOPs), to the usage of digital booking platforms, we guarantee that only the finest international hospitality standards are upheld.
Moreover, we also conduct random checks on the properties, even after the initial training. New skills will also be learned and introduced along the way to upkeep with the current trends. Not to mention that this training is free of charge and regularly executed for inspection.
But that is not all. In our bid to uphold our commitment to be the best, we initiate sharing sessions between property owners who own similar estates. This encourages the sharing of tips as we work together to grow as an entire BV family.
property maintanance

Housekeeping And Maintenance

First, our experienced property experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your property and tailor only cleaning services that match your property’s unique characteristics.
Besides the before and after each guest stay, your property will also be cleaned regularly. Because keeping your property in mint condition is only basic to our meticulous housekeepers and handymen.
Flowers, towel art, toilegami…Have an unusual request to make the special occasion, extra special? Consider it done!

Real-Time Reporting

Be in the loop as it happens.
Keep track of your property performance through detailed timely reports on your guests, bookings, and other financials – all readily available on our self-developed BIGRR property management software and BV GO mobile app.
Bukit Vista discussing with property owner to manage better property

Partner Engagement

We communicate and engage with our partners to respond and solve all their potential property issues, and provide monthly performance report of your rental property with data driven pricing strategy to ensure your property is well maintained and optimized for revenue.

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