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Hi there! I’m Dea, handling Public Relations at Bukit Vista, and I’m part of an incredible team dedicated to employee growth and transformation. One of the ways we foster this growth is through our weekly All Hands sessions, which are a cornerstone of our employee experience. I’m thrilled to share with you the highlights from our recent All Hands inspirational Session featuring none other than Dr. Jing Luan, held on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024.

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Dr. Luan’s session was a reservoir of profound insights, resonating deeply with our values and our mission to inspire delightful hospitality. His wisdom and experiences are not just compelling narratives but are also actionable takeaways that we believe can significantly impact personal and professional development. So, let me take you through some of the transformative ideas Dr. Luan shared with us.

Journey of Dr. Jing Luan

Dr. Jing Luan’s professional trajectory reads like a chronicle of dedicated service to the educational sector, particularly within the international community. Starting as a Lecturer at Cabrillo College in 2003, Dr. Luan embarked on a journey through academia and administration that would span nearly two decades. His expertise in educational services and planning saw him ascend to the role of Vice Chancellor at San Mateo County Community College District, a tenure that lasted from 2006 until 2010.

Dr. Luan's Journey

The subsequent stage of Dr. Luan’s career witnessed his appointment as Provost at San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, where he remained from 2006 to 2022, a remarkable stretch that underscored his long-term commitment to the institution. During this period, his influence extended beyond administrative leadership to fostering global ties, ensuring that the colleges he represented remained at the forefront of international education.

In 2012, Dr. Luan took up a faculty position at the University of Maryland, bringing his wealth of experience to another renowned institution while concurrently serving as Chair and Founding Director of Study California from 2012 to 2018. Study California’s mission to promote the state as a premier destination for international education benefited greatly from Dr. Luan’s leadership and vision.

One of Dr. Luan's Visitation in Indonesia
Dr. Luan's Visitation to Indonesia

Culminating his illustrious career, Dr. Luan served as the Past President of the AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) from 2019 to 2022. In this role, he influenced policies and best practices in international student recruitment, a testament to his enduring commitment to enhancing educational experiences across global boundaries.

An Inspirational Figure for the Future

Dr. Jing Luan, through his extensive career, has undoubtedly overseen numerous inspiring projects. One can infer the caliber and impact of these initiatives based on his leadership roles and the institutions’ profiles. For instance, students under his tenure may have developed cross-cultural exchange programs that leverage the interconnectedness of the global educational landscape. Such a project might involve students from San Mateo Colleges collaborating with peers abroad to solve real-world problems, like developing technological solutions for sustainable development or creating virtual exchange platforms that bridge the gap between different educational systems.

San Mateo Collages's Profile

Another inspiring example could be the establishment of an international research consortium, where students from various countries collaborate on cutting-edge research, sharing data and findings through a centralized digital platform. This initiative could connect partner universities around the world, facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering international cooperation.

Projects like these, which are likely to have been incubated under Dr. Jing’s leadership, demonstrate the potential for educational institutions to connect internationally. They serve as valuable learning experiences,  and also as conduits for global dialogue, academic partnership, and cultural understanding. These projects enable students to apply their learning in an international context, preparing them for the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world and exemplifying the potential of higher education as a bridge between diverse communities.

San Mateo Collage's Profile

Leveling the Academic Playing Field Between US and Indonesia

Dr. Jing Luan posits that students in the United States and Indonesia share several educational and career aspirations, fueled by the demands and opportunities of a rapidly evolving global economy. They aspire to excel in fields such as technology, business, healthcare, and the arts, with many driven by the desire to achieve not only career success but also to make a positive societal impact. These shared goals reflect a broader, interconnected ambition to forge paths that are professionally rewarding and socially responsible.

Question from All Hands

Yet, Dr. Luan notes that students in each country face distinct challenges. In the United States, the high cost of education looms large, with many students incurring substantial debt, which can heavily influence their career paths and opportunities. The competitive nature of the job market further complicates the landscape, with students often feeling pressure to specialize early and to secure internships and networks that can pave the way to success.

American Student (Source: https://www.cis-spain.com/)

Conversely, Indonesian students often contend with limited access to the latest educational resources and technologies, which can impede their ability to compete on an international scale. Cultural pressures also play a significant role, with familial expectations sometimes directing career decisions. Additionally, logistical issues such as visa restrictions and financial constraints can limit their opportunities for global engagement and learning.

Indonesian Student (Source: https://static.promediateknologi.id/)

Dr. Luan emphasizes that these obstacles, while formidable, are not insurmountable. By understanding the specific challenges faced by students in each country, educators and policymakers can develop more targeted strategies to empower them to meet their goals. Dr. Luan advocates for tailored educational policies and programs that not only address these unique challenges but also leverage the common aspirations of students to foster a more equitable and inclusive global academic environment.

The Shifting Paradigm of Race and Culture in Academia

From Civil Rights to DEI: The Journey of Change

Dr. Jing Luan’s professional narrative began in the wake of the civil rights movement—a time when American society was grappling with the newfound norms of racial equality and desegregation. It was an era that sought to dismantle the pernicious structures of segregated facilities and overt discrimination, and Dr. Luan’s career blossomed amidst this societal metamorphosis.

While the legislation of the ’60s laid the groundwork for equality, Dr. Luan emphasizes that discrimination, albeit outlawed on paper, persisted in the mental and social spheres. These biases, deeply rooted in societal psyche, often manifested in subtler forms of exclusion, such as the notorious glass ceiling.

Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights Movement (Source: https://www.thenation.com/)

Ensuring Equal Access and Opportunity

Dr. Jing Luan advocates for equity by stressing the need for equal access to educational opportunities. It’s about dismantling barriers that prevent students from different backgrounds from receiving the education they deserve. By treating all entry points into U.S. education with the same level of importance and providing the necessary resources, the goal is to create a level field where any student can aspire to and achieve a bachelor’s degree in the U.S.

Community Colleges: A Vital Link in Educational Equity

A key component of achieving equity is recognizing the role of community colleges. These institutions serve as critical conduits for students who might otherwise be overlooked in the educational landscape. By actively including community colleges in recruitment and marketing strategies, the sector ensures that diversity and opportunity are not just limited to the elite universities but are foundational across the entire educational spectrum.


Beyond the Campus: DEI in the Workforce

Dr. Jing Luan’s insights into the transformation of race and culture within the academic sector provide a blueprint for other sectors striving for inclusivity and equity. The principles of DEI can be adapted to corporate, government, and non-profit sectors to ensure that equity and inclusion become cornerstones of their operational ethos.


Dr. Jing Luan’s career stands as a testament to the power of education as a catalyst for social change. His insights provide a roadmap for those looking to navigate the complexities of race, culture, and diversity in today’s world. As we advance, the academic community and sectors across the board can look to figures like Dr. Luan for guidance and inspiration.

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