Joris Kolijn Insights: Navigating the Legal and Financial Landscape of Bali’s Property Market

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Greetings from Bali! I’m Dea Novita, part of the PR team at Bukit Vista, and it’s my pleasure to share with you the highlights from our recent all-hands session on Tuesday, January 23th, 2024. Nestled in the heart of Indonesia’s paradise, our team gathered to exchange insights, stories, and visions that shape the future of property management in this lush archipelago. Today, let me take you on a journey through the key moments of this gathering, highlighted by the wisdom of Joris Kolijn, a luminary in the realm of property management and consultancy.
SSK Consultancy
In the vibrant world of Indonesia’s property market, navigating through legal, cultural, and financial intricacies is paramount for success. The recent All Hands featuring Joris Kolijn, an established figure in property management and consultancy, provided a treasure trove of insights into these complex domains.

Joris Kolijn: Profile and Journey

Joris Kolijn’s narrative in the Indonesian property sector is not just a story of career progression but a testament to the importance of cultural immersion and local understanding. From his initial steps at Art & Fireworks to founding SSK Consultancy, Kolijn’s emphasizes the significance of embracing the local culture, language, and legal frameworks. His dedication to learning Bahasa Indonesia and understanding local customs has been a cornerstone of his successful career.
Joris' Journey 2004 - 2021
Joiris's Journey 2018 - now
Given Joris’s comprehensive expertise, particularly in legal matters, it was only natural for us to delve deeper into subjects where his insights would shine brightest. His profound understanding of the Indonesian legal system and its implications for property management and investment prompted us to explore further, leading us into discussions that would illuminate the path for many navigating this market.

The Legal Labyrinth: Exploring Loan and Mastering Property Laws in Indonesia

Illuminating the complexities of Indonesian property laws, Joris provided a masterclass on the critical importance of legal compliance and strategic navigation. His guidance through the legal maze—emphasizing the need for proper legal entities, tax compliance, and the securing of necessary permits—offers a beacon for businesses venturing into the Indonesian property market.
The possibility of obtaining loans in Indonesia, according to Kolijn’s, exists but is fraught with regulatory ambiguities and challenges. He contrasts the Indonesian banking system with that of European countries, highlighting shorter loan terms and stricter collateral requirements. Kolijn’s insights into these financial intricacies offer invaluable guidance for investors, emphasizing the need for patience and thorough understanding when navigating this aspect of the property market.
Joris Answer on Loan for Foreigner in Indonesia
Kolijn underscores the necessity of aligning with Indonesian law for conducting business. He points out that the key to navigating the legal landscape is ensuring proper legal vehicles (like companies) are in place, compliance with tax regulations, understanding employment laws, and securing all necessary permits. This adherence not only protects the business but also fosters trust and reliability in a complex regulatory environment.

A Message from the Experience: Joris’s Beacon of Wisdom

Kolijn’s overarching message to potential investors and stakeholders in the Indonesian property market is one of patience, understanding, and collaboration. He advocates for the importance of working closely with local entities to ensure compliance and success, highlighting his own journey as a testament to the effectiveness of this approach. Kolijn’s respect for Indonesian culture and dedication to legal compliance serve as a model for aspiring market participants.
The Most Crucial Instruments to Prepare Property Business in Indonesia


Joris Kolijn’s contributions during the All Hands provide a comprehensive overview of the intricacies involved in Indonesia’s property market. His journey, marked by cultural respect and legal diligence, outlines a path to success within this vibrant sector. For investors and stakeholders, Kolijn’s insights and advice underscore the importance of cultural immersion, legal awareness, and financial prudence.
I hope to have transported you to the All Hands Session with Joris Kolijn, where the future of property management was painted with the strokes of past experiences and the hues of future aspirations. From all of us at Bukit Vista, we extend our gratitude for joining us on this journey and invite you to be part of our continuing story in making Bali, a haven for property management excellence.

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