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img Reyhan | February 6, 2024

by Florent Delente; Nani Peni | Investment Consulting Services

ila global consulting

ILA (Investment Legal Advisory) stands at the forefront of guiding international investors and corporations through Southeast Asia’s dynamic markets. With deep-rooted expertise in strategic, legal, and investment advisory, we tailor solutions for navigating complex landscapes with precision. Our ethos — ‘Your journey, our expertise’ — reflects our commitment to fostering growth ensuring compliance, and turning challenges into opportunities for our clients.

ILA Global Consulting is led by seasoned consultants with deep expertise in Southeast Asia’s markets. Founded by Florent Delente and Nani Peni Adiarti, the firm combines extensive experience in financial, legal, and strategic consulting to ensure project safety and maximize ROI. Their services cater to corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and entrepreneurs, aiming to drive growth, ensure compliance, and convert market challenges into opportunities. Their mission and vision focus on delivering unparalleled professional advisory and setting the gold standard for excellence in the region’s economic landscape.

ILA Global Consulting with 20+ years of experience, 15 years of dedication, and 500+ projects worldwide offers strategic and investment advisory, financing and tax advisory, legal and regulatory advisory, and real estate.

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