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by Waty Silalahi Apenu | How IndoLinen Changed the Purchasing Trend of Linens in Bali

Author: Genieverre Sasja Julianto, Community Management Specialist

Since its rising popularity as the world’s top tourist destination, Bali has gone through various developments. This development not only affects tourists but also affects those behind the tourism and hospitality industries. One of the developments that are impacting those industries is the emergence of IndoLinen.

IndoLinen is a pioneer in the world of linen suppliers with a sales system that includes retail and wholesale. With this system, they can meet various client needs, both commercial and personal. On BV C-Talk #18, we talked with Waty Silalahi Apenu, the CEO and Co-founder of IndoLinen, to learn about how one local supplier changed the purchasing trend of linens in Bali. Which ultimately facilitates the emergence of local guest houses, homestays, villas and, hotels in Bali.

Shortage of supply inspired Waty to build her own linen business.

Waty used to work as a Journalist. During her days covering news, she got the opportunity to meet so many inspirational people and learn their stories, their perspectives, or knowledge on things. From celebrities, government officials, even her future boss at that time. In so many ways, Journalism has developed her skill in analyzing situations and dealing with people. Waty then left her work as a Journalist and join her boss managing a supplier company. Diving into the Supply & Business world taught her so many things. To the point where she wanted to build one herself. With her analytical Journalist mind, she found an opportunity, a unique phenomenon in the hospitality industry, that she thought she would be able to find the solution to it.

At that time there are many Linen suppliers in Bali. But those linen suppliers preferred to sell in bulk quantity. And who are the customers who can afford to pay in bulk? Big national or international hotel chains. This situation makes Bali a fertile ground for the growth of large and luxurious hotels or villas, which are mostly owned by people outside of Bali. Meanwhile, local communities in Bali can only be the activators, the workers of those who run the industry.

It was not easy for people who wanted to buy high-quality linens for their small business or their personal use. Small order is not considered a good business for most suppliers in terms of production cost and time delivery wise. But Waty saw these small orders as a good business opportunity. Thus in December 2009, she opened the 1st outlet of IndoLinen in Jalan Mertanadi, Kerobokan, Bali.

IndoLinen becomes a solution that makes property owners’ life easier.

IndoLinen is a local linen supplier with the main purpose to cater those who need bed linens and towels in a very small quantity. This new retail concept has a huge impact on the island. Before, property owners with small businesses are forced to buy linens in the quantity of ‘minimal order’. That ‘minimal order’ number is huge compared to what property owners need and this means more unnecessary expenses that are out of budget. After IndoLinen, now property owners have the option to buy how many linens they need without minimum order.

Not only that, IndoLinen always maintains stocks for their main products that are mostly needed by property owners. This means that property owners can buy anytime, directly at any IndoLinen outlet, and get the products right away. For products that are not in stock, they can order and then get them in a few days. Now, property owners can make sudden purchases without having to wait for months. IndoLinen also got a huge range of products and plenty options of unique designs for property owners to choose from.

For more than 10 years, IndoLinen has simplified the life of property owners as well as helping them to deliver 5-star hotel experience by the affordability of IndoLinen’s luxury linens. IndoLinen’s consistency in delivering the best service and products leads to good relationships with their customers. IndoLinen has left its mark on the hospitality industry and has turned the industry’s path into a brighter future.

What makes IndoLinen different from another supplier? We do this business from heart. In the process of making the products, we do it with passion. Step-by-step from the first time we get the fabric, the quality control, everything is done with love and passion.

– Waty Silalahi Apenu

Want to hear the whole story of IndoLinen from Waty herself? Check out BV C-Talk #18 with IndoLinen, only on the Bukit Vista Hospitality Services YouTube Channel:

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