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We value innovations made by our beloved vistans and visterns.
Here, we are proud to show you the amazing projects they’ve done to inspire delight

(Pricing Measures and Strategy Decision )

Promenade is a way of making a pricing decision to optimize our properties. Promenade solves all of the manual work of price review and acts as a recommender machine for our pricing analyst here in
Bukit Vista.

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Maria Lidya
Data Scientist -
Statistic at UGM
Thoriq Musyaffa
Data Scientist -
Computer engineer at UI

Guest Review Management 

 By streamlining and enhancing our guest review management process, it significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage a large volume of reviews. Which reduces hours of previous manual work

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Senior Data Engineer

Butler: Intelligent Assistant​

 By creating a dedicated app that can be accessed from conversations, reporting work, getting information from database and updating team members are as simple as sending an instant message.

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(Operations Supervision Artificial Intelligence)

OSAI is able to cut the time our employees used to spend looking for information, which could range from three minutes to one hour (depending on whether that information was available on the listing or not), down to less than 30 seconds.

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Rafie Ananta Rizky
Data Scientist -
Data science at Universitas Airlangga
Rifqi Novandi
Data Scientist -
Electrical Engineering at Universitas Diponegoro

Transportation request
integration with Guest Portal

The new feature in our guest portal has reduced the workload of our hosting team by a significant amount for our guest to use in order to make a transportation request during their stay with Bukit Vista

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Gerald Akbar
Backend developper -
Computer science at ITB

HR Recruitment and PR
For Attracting Quality Talents

 A mix of working as a Human Resource and working as a Public Relations to promote BV job vacancies and attract world class talents

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Sabrina Nadya Kalila
HR -
Political Science at UPN “Veteran” Jakarta

Employees Tax
(PPh 21) Reporting in Bukit Vista

The Finance Team in Bukit Vista is now responsible for reporting and calculating Employees Tax to save money and stay in compliance with Indonesian tax laws. Employees tax (pph 21) is an excellent way to do just that!

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Kemas Musyafa Iesa
Financial Analyst -
Accounting at Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka

(Accelerated Recruitment Method)

ARM is a new recruitment method to directly screen and the candidate via live phone calls and eliminate the process of staging the selection.

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Muhammad Furqon Jamil
Human Resource Management at President University

Content Pillar : Transforming Instagram Engagement

A project to revitalize our Instagram presence by implementing a content pillar strategy.

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Ganes Nugraha
Digital marketing

Payment Anomaly Detector:
A Tool to Assist Finance Operational

Because sometimes we weren’t aware of pending payout from the OTA that cause underpaid to partner or BV. This tool could help us track the underpaid payment to have the correct payments and increase transparency to our partners.

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Jovanka Andira Sarwoto
Financial Analyst -
Banking & finance at President University

Increase Response Rate
on Agoda through Optimizing Inquiries

With this tool, the response of  the operational team in answering incoming messages to Agoda’s inquiry can be done  in 1 minute, increasing time and resource efficiency than before.  

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Karisma Beneta Sari
Online Sales and Reservation -
English language & literature at Universitas Jamber

Digital Marketing and SEO to Attract Leads

Optimizing digital channels  from Bukit Vista website, SEO & SEM (google ads), email marketing, social media page (Facebook & Instagram), and OTAs to increase impressions, CTR, and digital leads

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Adiel Ananda Haryono
Digital Marketing -
Business Management at ITB

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